Death and statism

UPDATE:- And Gordon Brown wants  _YOUR_  body ….

David Davis

Mummylonglegs wanted me to draw this to your attention here , so I did. But I’m not really quite sure what a  very sad but otherwise private family tragedy has to do with the enormous titanic battle against statism…. (what is the connection, mummy?)….the other thing, which mummy has perhaps not picked up on, is the way certain MSM highlight the value of the house of the subject of their article…like this:  “… less than 50 yards from their £550,000 detached lakeside home.”    I am very sorry for the poor woman and her child, and the scenario clearly indicates that neither of them could take something any more that was tormenting their lives: but what it is, and how it impinges on what we do here, sort of escapes me. (Sorry, mummy, have I missed something?)

The value of their now-empty home seems to have even less relevance, except perhaps to the celebrity-worshipping Big-Brother generation of slairs and wannabe-moochers, created by ZanuLieBorg.

However, this article by mummy, on the matter of how the “authorities” may now go about identifying terrorists by some sort of “profiling”, chimes in with Bishop Hill’s notions of a few days ago. We all ought to watch out for ourselves more.

Of course, we know really now, that anybody who does not absolutely buy into ZanuLieBorg is a “terrorist”.

The “war on terror” is an artificial construct of GramscoFabiaNazis, mostly here in the UK . They-bastards are here, because this is the country that taught the GFNs’ targetted-helots The Way To The Door Out Of Hell. it taught them also What To Say (like f*** off, or, as an old Oxford chum put it once to me, “concerted advice about combining foreign travel with procreation”) to Stalinists and other minor Gramscians like Lenin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, that African guy Castro? Che? (or guys?) whose name (names?) I can’t recall, etc.

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  1. mummylonglegs

    Sorry if I confused you Mr D. Many of us bloggers are writting every day, about things that affect lots and lots of people. We write about big things, credit crunch, war on terror etc. We are a large group of people and we are pretty much all fighting the same cause. When I spot an individual struggle that really jumps out at me it always seems to stop me in my tracks. It reminds me that it is always better to have a large group of people supporting you when you are fighting any battle. All us bloggers want a better country to live in, run by a better Government. This country is made up of individuals, and I think it some times helps to remember that every person has their own personal battles to fight as well as fighting the bigger ones we all have to face. We write about people in groups – tax payers, chav scum, immigrants, politicians but we must remember that those groups contain real individuals. I don’t think this ladies material assets have any thing to do with what happened to her and her daughter. The MSM will always write stuff like that. Because they like to make sure that every one knows what social group a victim or criminal comes from. Because they feel it is important. Especially if someone does something that is unexpected in their social class. I hope this clears things up a little. I must say, I didn’t expect you to write something about it, when I asked to you link to it it was more a kind of, oo I think this is sad, what about you?kind of thing.
    Mummy x

    • It’s OK mummy. There are anyway some libertarian issues in the story too. if the State wasn’t full of rotten troughing scumbags, who also bring about the degradation of people’s moral and educational compasses, not only would it not have been reported in a way that upset me but the poor woman might have got more private help and sympathy in the first ploace.

      That’s the best I can do in a hurry!

  2. Dave:

    Stirring stuff! (smiles)


  3. Steven Northwood

    Conan was a total legend man, see how he used to hit those heads off, and then eat chicken afterwards.

    Conan for Prime Minister!