The point of libertarianism: relevant contemplation by The Devil

David Davis

Please read the entire thing. Libertarianism _must_ win, or humanity is doomed.

7 responses to “The point of libertarianism: relevant contemplation by The Devil

  1. Tis interesting the Devil draws the distinction between negative and positive Libertarians. That chimes very much with my own thoughts.

    To be honest, I’m not convinced that many on the Negative side are really libertarians at all in any meaningful sense. Anyone can shout “leave me the fuck alone” without being a libertarian. I find some of the “negative libertarian” blogosphere, not naming any names, distressing, frankly; it’s really just chav bashin’ saloon bar conservatism and as such I believe it does libertarianism more harm than good, as it whips up feeling not against our enemy but against our fellows and actually feeds the drive towards statism by creating the impression of a “crisis” about which Something Must Be Done.

    It’s no use complaining about government inteference while stoking the flames of The Threat Of The Feral Underclass- I keep banging on about this everywhere that has a comment box :) but I think it’s a vitally important point; the history of the drive towards statism is the history of people shouting Something Must Be Done About The Underclass, and until we can shrug off that mindset, we’re not going to change direction.

  2. Ian B:

    Now if someone called you “batshit crazy” for writing what you just wrote:

    (a) How would you feel? and

    (b) what would your response to them read like?

    Enquiring minds want to know…


  3. Well Tony, I’d think they were entitled to their opinion in an atmosphere of free speech and robust debate. How I would feel would depend on who had called me batshit crazy. If they were a batshit conspiracy theorist, I’d probably not give it too much thought, to be honest.

    I’m not sure what my response would be, but I’m fairly certain it wouldn’t include invoking imaginary lawyers or references to nocturnal activities involving an old Conan poster and a bottle of Mazola.

  4. Ian B:

    If you say that you are Napoleon, my first thought is to consider the proposition factually.

    If you are, in fact, Napoleon, there’s no more to be said. If you’re not, but you firmly believe that you are, we might take a look at your ‘evidence’ and your epistemology.

    Just to say that “You’re batshit crazy” is less than useless, and tells us nothing about anything.

    The proposition that you are, in fact, ‘batshit crazy’ can itself be evaluated for its truth-content — if we wanted to waste some time…


  5. I think that my friend Andrew Needleman of Needleman, Treon W2, and Allen, Hoole and Hoole himself might be amused to find some orifice asserting that they’re “imaginary.”

    I don’t have ‘an old Conan poster.’ And I use Silk Lube or baby oil… Sasha doesn’t like Rosemary…

    Still, you have a passable understanding of the ills of “Libertarian” ideology and ideologists. Perhaps you might focus on that.

    Forget the cheap jibes at “Conspiracy theorists” and address the theories you disagree with. Can you manage that?


  6. I like to keep the level of proverbial rotting-cabbage-throwing, between the blog’s contestants, on this blog, to about these proportions that are evidenced above: that was an example of an exchange that was actually quite civilised and seemly.

    Glad to see, Tony, that Andrew Needleman is still practising.

    There are of course, too, conspiracies afoot in the world. The trouble is, they are not the ones which the conspiracy theorists bang on about.

  7. Dave:

    If that’s OK with you, can I tell Andrew that you remember him? He’ll really appreciate that — he did all the LA work for half price. He found it a fascinating puzzle to crack.

    These days he specializes in top-flight Criminal-Defence work, at up to £500.00 an hour. He got me out of a 5 year risk… The Chief Constable resigned at the end of that week… No charges… All of my weapons collection returned to me. Should I sue for damages, do you think? They trashed my home, and put me under Stress Interrogation techniques.

    A taste of Abu Ghraib, perhaps… But I’d done SERE training by the time I was 17… (Smiles)

    [ FX: “Silly Woodentops…” ]

    He’s very happy! And rich, I guess.



    PS: These situations usually resolve themselves, given a degree of libertarian attitudes.

    I’d appreciate a good family photo, if you have one. My ‘inner picture’ of you is of an elegant, sparse aesthete with a love of history and engineering. A good picture! All my good friends are classy, as indeed you are!

    Please feel free to phone me for a chat. I can call you back for free! Two pence a minute anytime for Australia, New Zealand, Canada and America.

    [ “Vorsprung durch Technik…!” ] ( ?)