New writer joins Libertarian Alliance Blog

David Davis

Fred Bloggs, an associate of this blog’s video media research editor, will begin to post shortly. He is part of the team of expanding young writers whom we will be featuring. (Or should that be “expanding team” of young writers?)

Fred is pleased to say that he will also invite comments and replies from people who are fans of either “Warhammer 40K” or the World’s armoured vehicles and mobile artillery in general, and he will dispute the finer points of libertarian vehicle design with them ad nauseam.

6 responses to “New writer joins Libertarian Alliance Blog

  1. Careful David, if you let them expand too much Hazel Blears will arrive and march them all off to an Obesity Gulag!

    I look forward to Fredd’s posts adding to my daily LA Blog read!

  2. You too can join, Ian B! You are under 125 – it is the current age limit (which will be reviewed periodically.)

  3. you know – the promotion of youth, and all that.

  4. What an appropriate name!

  5. Dave:

    “You are under 125 – it is the current age limit (which will be reviewed periodically.)”

    Like, RIGHT NOW!

    Ray Kurzweil & Terry Grossman, M.D.



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