Brilliant prescience: a Libertarian Polity

David Davis

Brilliant, from Old Holborn, the bastard. The problem of where a Libertarian polity might arise is a real one. There are almost no conditions I can envisage, under which a real modern “Big State” would allow itself to be transformed wholesale into a libertarian one: the Clientariat is too big and too well-supported by Armed Police (the ones you pay for, their helicopters, their HK MP5s, their computers, their squad cars, their “stab-proof-vests charmingly emphasised in bright yellow, their connections with Interior Ministry Troops, their diversity-outreach-courses, and the like.)  

So we have to consider the geographical alternatives.

Obligations to The Landed Underclass for bringing it to our attention here. I wish I had the time to write all this stuff myself, but sadly not. They do it better than I can in any case.

2 responses to “Brilliant prescience: a Libertarian Polity

  1. It’s worth noting that the post was actually written by Guthrum, who is the Chairman – and one of the four founders – of the UK Libertarian Party…


  2. OK noted, Devil. (It said so on OH, but I just wanted to broadcast the content.)