Prince Charles and the green sauce-bottle: I really think he believes what he’s saying.

David Davis

It’s very sad. Now even he, the Heir-Apparent, is calling us “deniers“. He should know better than to sunder his subjects-to-be into in-groups and out-groups.

We have already had occasion to have a pop at him the other day, for his poor, sad tormentedness. What a shame that such a decent, well-meaning, moderately intelligent and potentially useful individual, to whom people look up for inspiration, should go to the Dark Side like that.

I think it’s time we got rid of this lot of hereditary sovereigns, and appointed a new one – as is our custom when required, every two or three-hundred years. The Queen, as Sean Gabb points out increasingly these days, has clearly failed to keep her side of the bargain struck in her Coronation Oath, and ought really to go. Moreover, her lot has had 295 years, has done intermittently well in its heyday (1837 but erratic, 1901, 1911, 1937) but its skills are wearing thin.

There is nothing in Libertarian-Minimal-Statist doctrine (if there is even such a unitary thing as libertarian doctrine) which says that a “libertarian state” (minimalist) cannot have an hereditary figurehead such as the Queen, if people decide this is appropriate. It’s just that we can’t really allow ourselves to be dragged under by the negligence of this lot any more.

4 responses to “Prince Charles and the green sauce-bottle: I really think he believes what he’s saying.

  1. chris geralds

    I would gladly offer my services as a replacement,but I have an aversion to ribbon cutting ceremonies. On the up side isn’t the monarch the only one that can convene Parliament?

    If so I could arrange to be somewhere enjoying a few oatmeal stouts or a biking tour of somewhere or another.

  2. We’ll have you then, Chris. Can we have yoyr mobile number so we can get you for your coronation sometime?

  3. We’ll agree a time so you can park yer bike first.

  4. chris geralds

    I can be contacted via e-mail. I’m not having long distance charges reversed on me.