Poor mad tormented Prince Charles has been at the green sauce-bottle again

David Davis

In Rio this time: nice for some I guess.

“100 months to save the world”…..my trousers.

10 responses to “Poor mad tormented Prince Charles has been at the green sauce-bottle again

  1. Didn’t he study art?

    Listening to him about science is about aso believe sensible as letting a historian run the finances, or a cookery teacher run the Homes Office (sic)

    At least he’s daft enough to belief the ‘science’, has the goracle got an excuse?

  2. oops sorry about the previous post; think I swiped the touchpad whilst typing

  3. David,
    did you know, my university believes you to be mentally ill?


    Also, what in the world is “ecopsychology?”

  4. So refreshing to see our bonny prince jetting around the world in his private plane to lecture the ordinaries on energy-efficiency.

  5. Martin,
    That’s most interesting! I have often wondered to myself about myself, but not for the reasons this link suggests. I will investigate and report back to you on my mental state…..

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  7. chris geralds

    Didn’t anybody inform Prince Charles that according to the NYT there is more rainforest now then there was even 10 years ago.


  8. Well, he can’t go about the world, trumpeting to his supporters the fact that the problem’s actually going away, now, can he?

  9. And if there is more such forest, then jolly good. I have never been in favour of chopping it down, as there may have been local climate effects that we couldn’t know – and also for the ppotential usefulness of stuff we could extract from it.

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