Denying AGW is mental disorder – official … and Bella Gerens added

UPDATE:- Bella Gerens added to blogroll. An important recent omission corrected.

David Davis

My attention was drawn kindly by Martin, on a comment on this post, to the fact that I may be “psychological” (as my mother use to trumpet to me year-after-year as a boy) being as I am a AGW “denier”. It also says so in The Landed Underclass, so there’s clearly no hope for me.

Here’s the links to the event if you want to go along:-

One. (Christopher Booker)  

Two. (The University concerned.)

Clearly, I will have soon, very soon now, to be “admitted” to a Government Health Farm, to be treated for my errors, until such time as I see the error of my ways and am thus fit for execution.

Truly, one is so sorry, and also one apologises hyper-profusely, to The State, to the UN-IPCC, to Al Gore, and to all the other godlike people and august bodies (who all have no thought but that for our good) for spoiling their day by deciding they’re completely mistaken and incidentally a load of thieving, grasping, knowledge-corrupting GreeNazi scumbags, who want to kick the rest of the world except themselves back into the Endarkenment.

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  1. Bodwyn Wook

    In an earlier American phase of Big Government but several, during the so-called 1960s “Great Society” hoax, a neighbor family down on the farm here in southern Minnesota and just East of Mankato, The God-Damned, came to the attention of The Liberals. (There was now money in it from “free” grants from off of the government.) So socialworkers in gangs and relays descended on an admittedly poor family with nine kids or so, and pretty soon, Mrs Clopton was declaiming proudly: “All of them kids but one is psychologic, the school said so!”

  2. Thanks Bodwyn, yep I am pretty psychological I guess.

    she screamed at me, aged 9 (me 9, not her) whe I was trying to build a Lancaster “_Models_ have ruined your life!” (and I don’t think she meant prostitutes either…not then anyway.)

    She just wanted me to “concentrate on my studies”, as my dad interpreted.

  3. She was Lebanese. No wonder that poor sad country has problems, even today.

  4. bella gerens


  5. Radical leftist ideas only gain real traction when they are the only ideas allowed by law. Any dissent and they unravel in a significant portion of the people’s minds, and so dissent must be outlawed. The first step is to call dissenters insane or enemies of the state (or people), and the second step is to lock them up. The final solution is, well, the final solution.

  6. Howard R Gray

    I am very much in favour of GWI or global warming indifference. I just don’t give a toss about this stuff. A bunch of Spartist bone head professors gibbering on about drowning in sea water in the near future just doesn’t grab me. I say bring it on gov, the sooner the better. Sorry, I have this Theodore Dalrymple reflex of just assuming when a bunch of lefty grad-grinds gather together they should be justly ignored. Soon they will be in fear of their own shadows then what? Drowning in fresh water after the next ice age? Ho hum.

  7. The trouble is, they have guns (or else get them in the fullness of time) from some other lefty grad-grind who was smarter than we were while we slept.