Let’s give some tyrant or other another tiny kick downhill

It is not suitable to shoot women. Only communists, Gramsco-Marxians and the Prussian general Staff (as a tactic to be used in the terrorising into passivity of occupied regions) sanctioned it. Stalin learned it, rather quickly.

Sorry. It’s just that our strategic-focus-video-incorporation-outreach-Chimpanzee-Typewriter-Group-deputy-chief-assistant-activities-co-ordinator, er, pointed out that, we had not thrown rotting cabbages at Kim Jong-Il for some time, and it was high time we did. At least 9% of the duty-Chimps on this shift found themselves involuntarily typing about him, even without pre-briefing.  

Just so he knows we have not forgotten him, and all his works.

3 responses to “Let’s give some tyrant or other another tiny kick downhill

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  2. Dave:

    The only foreign country where the North Koreans have any influence is Zimbabwe/Rhodesia, wher they’ve trained Mugabe’s Secret Police…

    Is this the Orwellian “Hate Kim Jong-Il” week or somethng?



    PS: If Dick Bissell or Frank Wisner were to be with CIA now, Mugabe wouldn’t still be in power (after being put into power here by Margaret “We can do business wih Mr. Mugabe” Thatcher). For shame…



  3. Yup, it’s always “Hate Kim Jong-Il week” here, but sometimes we just forget to announce it each Monday.