Thanks for spotting this….

…and so today, the British Open Grauniadista-tweaking-contest Grand Challenge Cup goes to The Landed Underclass….for finding this rather fine material. Stylistico-philosphically-speaking, I have my covert suspicions that Landed and Belfry may be the same man – just using two different pub disguises, but I’m keeping quiet about that one.

David Davis

And this is good stirring stuff. I’m not surprised that the “left” is eternally whingeing that there are few outstanding, fast-responding socialist blggers: the people they’d need are all writing for the enemy.

4 responses to “Thanks for spotting this….

  1. By no means — we are separate and distinct. BTW do you know Bob Willison? If you do, send him the link.

  2. Sorry Dennis, I don’t know BW. But if I find later that I do, I’ll do what you ask.

    PS:- Like your stuff.

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  4. Thanks for the link David. Will reciprocate.

    Smart of you to detect some old-lefty baggage in my holdall, but the weight diminishes with time.