Daniel Hannan lays into (state-funded) fake charities

David Davis

Here. Though the credit for arguably the first fully public attack on what Sean Gabb has for long now called “Big-Charity”, ought to go to the Devil.

(Update: The Devil thinks Dan was actually first, which suggests a correction: I don’t mind either way so long as someone’s making a fuss. See comments below.)

3 responses to “Daniel Hannan lays into (state-funded) fake charities

  1. To be fair, David, it was Dan who (sort of) set me off, when he wondered how many of the charities that David Milliband cited as being in favour of the Lisbon Treaty were funded by the British or EU states.

    I duly checked (it was all of them) and Dan acknowledged it here. And EUReferendum was in there even before I was…


  2. I personally am still debating with myself whether or not to cancel my standing order with a certain charity. What to do, what to do…

  3. “Politics is the systematic organization of hatreds…”