Dogshit street horror watch shocking photos report; now for a EUDOG DNA database … humans can’t be far behind.

David Davis

Germany leads the way: I’m not joking. More bureaucrats for more impositions, on more people, and more dogs. yes, I know it’s disgusting and nasty. What we should ask is what’s the point of a dog any more, in an urban environment?

YOU KNOW the joke! Capitalism, in Singapore – “You have two cows – the government takes them both away and fines you for keeping unlicensed animals in an apartment.”

Dogs are for hunting foxes, and killing ALL badgers for ever so we shan’t have TB, and stuff like that. They will live in hutches or kennels or houses full of animal-shit anyway. If they shit in the forest or the fields, who cares?

This is what they should do. Here’s the pic we did earlier:-

One we did earlier

One we did earlier

4 responses to “Dogshit street horror watch shocking photos report; now for a EUDOG DNA database … humans can’t be far behind.

  1. Dogs are for making people happy. A job they do well. Mine will bite on the command “It’s the King’s men!”. She also hates police horses with a quite spontaneous righteous fury.

  2. That’s OK David.

    I don’t mind dogs, really I don’t. All of them seem to love me with a manic lunacy, it’s quite inexplicable really.

    But I do mind having to see if i am stepping in dogpoo outside my home, se above.

    I would not go so far as to take a dog’s DNA though, and record it – let alone that of a human.

  3. Leaving dog poo anywhere is (and should be) a crime. I occasionally hand people dog poo bags and encourage them to do the right thing (but all those years of karate help here).

  4. Dogs are pretty bright creatures, as creatures go, David. As i said, I really don’t mind associating with dogs, they are friendly and jollily submissive to me, without any exception, including Alsatians and Rottweilers. (Dunno why.)

    Ought not there to be some way of training a dog to tell you in plain English, or even Czech or something, when it wants a shit (or a pee for that matter) so you can direct it to stand on top of the nearest open wheelybin, or whatever State-receptacle is available?