The Bristol Brabazon (grand plane, shame about the name)

David Davis

Got this through a hat tip from Landed Underclass, who got it from him here.

A rather beautiful and stately plane I have to say.  Shame about the speed (or er, not.)

Might as well put this on:-

3 responses to “The Bristol Brabazon (grand plane, shame about the name)

  1. Dave:

    Thanks for this!

    I saw the Brabazon flying over out house in Bristol when I was a kid. Truly impressive!

    I even made a model, with those contra-rotating props.

    As Jim Slater of Slater Walker, the merchant bankers, said:

    “In Britain, there are thing-makers and money-makers. The thing-makers don’t make any money; and the money-makers don’t make any things.”



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  3. perhaps Jim Slater, was refering to inflation and deflation, unless the money reflects some sort of service or product its not worth anything.
    we now have service without products , the thing makers are imports and the service sector are supposed to make the money to pay for them, by selling out the thing makers of Britain. what have now is Debt. trillians of it!
    well done Jim, Jim Callahan PM could see it though . Manufacturing must be equal to or bigger than the service sector.
    What ever happend to the Brabazon plane, We saw one between the clouds in the mid 60s thats all I recall of it. and that it was not made in China. Regards George Manser