Citizenship (the real kind) … Geoffrey Wheatcroft in the Guardian

David Davis


5 responses to “Citizenship (the real kind) … Geoffrey Wheatcroft in the Guardian

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  2. Dave:

    Wheatcroft’s piece is good, as are the comments. There is a dark, conformist side to Swiss life — Yin and Yang, maybe.

    Take a look at:



  3. It’s just a load of saddo motorbikes Tony, pretending to be cars, but which are not cars.

    Not sure what yr point is there.

  4. Dave:

    Fully-enclosed armored bodywork; cruising at 150mph in air-conditioned luxury with CD music; 60+ mpg; four-cylinfer BMW engine and six-speed gearbox; reclined seating; traffic-jams don’t exist for it. Faster than a Porsche 911… THAT point… >:-}


    Tony (with a shadow silver gray Volvo 480 Turbo two-door sports coupe, with suspension designed by Lotus).

  5. Ahhhhhh ….. Lotus!!!!!

    “Lots of trouble, usually serious” …….