Fake Charities and the British “New Labour” State; now for a real one instead.

David Davis

A couple of days ago, The Devil (bless him, and may God’s Face shine upon him with radiant mercy and goodness for all ways) brought this to all our attention. For those busy chaps who have not time to click the link, it transpires that the British State under the Stalinist Gramsco-Marxians in Westmonster is setting up what appear to be “charities”, and which are accountable under Charities Commission rules, but which use treasury money, extorted by taxation, to achieve Stalinist Gramsco-Marxian lobby-goals laid down by the Westmonster-Gramsco-Marxians themselves.

That’s the kindest and most euphemistic way I can think of, to put across what they do.

I came across this just now, and I think all us here-buggers ought to give them at least £2 each at this address. This guy is exactly not like the bastards who cream off taxpayers’ funds in quangos, shagging and being shagged by their nasty Gramsco-Marxian friends in the UN, the EU, governments and “aid agencies”. I did not realise that about £9 would feed a poor Nyasaland child, who has nothing, for about a year. So I think we all ought to help him feed these poor buggers.

It is the business of libertarians to promote the growth and scope of private charity.

You can take comfort that none of it, God willing, will go towards Mercs-4-Jerks (like the jerk Mugabe for example, or many many others, some in “aid agencies”):-

We’ll do the Lifeboat people too in a minute or tomorrow, as that’s also a proper Charity, one of the diminishing few, and we even have one (a lifeboat) here. But ours is paid for entirely out of private subs, and although credited to the RNLI does not have to be subbed by them. Hat tip to the RNLI stuff  landedunderclass.

Really, this stuff ought to put ZanuLieborg to shame.

But I guess it won’t.

5 responses to “Fake Charities and the British “New Labour” State; now for a real one instead.

  1. First (drunk) take.

    I don’t believe a fucking word.

    The more this cunt seems to be selfless the less I trust him and the more I question his cause:

    “an elderly monk, Brother Paul, who is keen to tell me that MacFarlane-Barrow is a singular man, who takes only a minimal salary to meet his family’s needs. Other stories circulate of his frugality, of how he folds his large frame into economy seats on long flights”

    Riiight. Mother Teressa redux?

    This is exactly the sort of stuff Rand was warning us about when she banged on about the second-handers.

    Altruism is evil. Charities are bad. Don’t believe a fucking word.

    • Well, he’s less wicked than “Ash” or “Alcohol Concern” or even “Pesticide Action Network”, isn’t he? He’s just a Scotch yuppie who thinks African children deserve the dosh more than Al Gore and Gordon Brown? (I think?) Or have I missed something? I’m going to send him £2 anyway.

  2. Steven Northwood

    Thanks for that DavidNcl, a quick brightener. :-)

  3. We’re going to do some stuff here on the RNLI, since it’s an important and properly private charity, not like the buggers set up by the nazis in power here.

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