So I’m not really totally alone after all.

David Davis

Here you all go! Here’s the actual article.

8 responses to “So I’m not really totally alone after all.

  1. Your not alone.
    But there’s not many of us mate. If you want to be frightened as well as lonely you could take a look at this video (link to ‘Harry’s Place’ a lefty blog):


  2. Dave:

    Of course you’re not alone!

    6 billion people share this world with you. Then, there are all the other populated worlds.

    And your friends. >:-}



  3. Dave:

    “There may be two libertarians somewhere who agree with each other about everything; but I am not one of them.” — David D. Friedman



    PS: You need cheering up! How big is your AOL mailbox? I ca sent you 6 Megabyte tranches of Keeley Hazell’s Home Video… Made when she was 18… What superb technique!!!

  4. Dave:

    Meanwhile, here are the Dixie Chicks, Emmylou Harris and Beth Nielsen Chapman singing “Mary” — wonderful singers, wonderful song.



  5. Don’t send me any Keeley stuff Tony, you might get me in trouble! (Please?)

    I just feel so isolated over the Gaza thing. Like I (aged 15) and my mate at school David Kemp did in 1967, when we were the only boys barracking in the debating society for the Jordanians/Syrians/Egyptians, in the “6-day-war”. Even the BbC was playing stuff about “the handsome young Israeli pilots, with their so pretty young wives back at home” (who had “just done the Jordanians” (on the ground) –

    – you do remember all that, don’t you. I’m sure!

  6. Oh, they were in their Mirages. (The handsome young pilots I meant, they were not in their wives at the time, honest.)

    So what’s France’s view, from then, to now, do you think? Mirages etc. DD

  7. Dave:

    I’m not saying I approve of his remark; but I recall an Israeli Air Force General being interviewed just after victory, explaining camly why the IDF’s “better equipment and pilot training” were responsible for Israel’s successes.

    He then seemed to think the cameras had stopped rolling; and he added casually:

    “And if course, one of us is worth a hundred of them.” Chutzpah indeed…

    Then the crew told him he was on air; and he added ruefully:

    “Well, that’s torn it!”

    Best Wishes,