What Greens are really up to…..

…..and Simon Heffer on Victorians. (Just incidentally so right, that one.)

David Davis

But I quite accidentally chanced on this stuff today. We all know that most GreeNazis have been articulating their beliefs with quite disarming frankness for decades. So it’s good to find more people (b)logging their progress for the rest of us, sadly too busy to do much about it.

As Auberon Waugh would have said, “I’m not suggesting that we should arrest, tie to MacDonald’s restaurants and then publicly tar-and-feather all lovable sandal-wearing-greens; but  more does need to be done to combat the Green Terror”.

It won’t let me paste any links, not get rid of the bloody italics, so here they are:-




2 responses to “What Greens are really up to…..

  1. The environmental organizations were the big winners of the presidential elections, Click Link:
    Environmental Organizations = Green Power in Washington

    Libertarian social networking sites, Click Link:
    Think Libertarian

  2. Sorry- The first Link is not working, will try it again:
    Environmental-Organizations Green Clout in Washington