Israeli “atrocities” ! Coming soon to a TV channel near you!

UPDATE:- The Remittance Man has also picked up on an aspect of the Israelis’ problem – which is beginning to be one of PR, in the face of…..the world community (as represented by “western” media.

….and Hamas does not need to attack Israel: discuss…

David Davis

Those whom the Gods media and “international Community” wish to destroy, they first make mad accuse of atrocities and violations. You can tell what’s in store for Israel in the next epoch of the ongoing struggle to abolish it: even the Daily Quislingraph is giving prominence to UN “allegations” that a “safe house” full of evacuees was shelled.

And quite why Indonesians riot to clse a KFC “to show solidarity” with “palestinians”, is quite beyond me, I fear. I didn’t know KFC was Jewish? (It’s the sort of thing my old mother would have automatically known, or pre-assumed: she believed that “The Jews” ran every successful business in the world – a not unreasonable assumtion I guess.) I can’t seem to embed it, so here’s some silly film footage of the buggers:-

Everybody’s got it in for the Jews now, you cna tell. What an extraordinary and absolutely global volte-face, and in just under 40 years. I expect that the next principle people to be graced with the all-purpose left-Nazi portmanteau of involuntary genocide will actually be an imaginary one this time: the “Palestinians”.

But they can take comfort that, in just under a century, although there may then be no Jews left, the following will happen: aged but rich, successful and highly-westernised Ghazi-refugee emigrés, sitting surrounded by their equally successful decendents who will be the world’s diaspora of lawyers/bankers/doctors/scientists, in affluent westernised places like Peking, Pyong-Yang, or even Noo-Yoork, will collectively lament the global amnesia about their own holocaust of 2009. They will wonder, sadly and confused, about the world’s apparent forgetfulness of the plight of their people, as the pan-palestinian-enclave from Syria to Aden is assailed by the better-armed and highly-technological Hittite usurper-state.

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  1. Are you deliberately dense?

    Firstly Israel != Jews – as many critics of Israel acknowledge.

    Just because some idiots are actually anti-semitic, that’s no reason to demonise all who oppose the Israeli action.

    – Herding people into a shelter and then shelling it is not acceptable.
    – Bombing schools is not acceptable.
    – Leaving children to starve by the bodies of their mothers is not acceptable.

    No matter who you are, these actions are wrong. No matter what provocation you had they are wrong.

    On libertarian principles, the actions of Israel in attacking indiscriminately are wrong, as are the actions of Palestinians in attacking Israeli citizens (although attacking IDF forces or members Israeli government are justified given the attacks upon the Palestinians perpetrated by the Israeli government through restrictions on movement and trade).

    (as for attacking KFC – it probably happened to be there, a sign of American imperialism which is lumped in with Israel given the US’s support for Israel come what may)

  2. No Tristan, I am not being deliberately dense.

    Notice in my post, please, that:-

    I have not stated whether I thought the IDF had shelled defenceless evacuees or not.

    They may have done: terrible things happen in war. It is very sad.

    (You may notice that as war modernises, the percentage of total casualties consisting of civilians appears to go up and up as a share. This is not a real effect – in fact the grand historical trend is probably downwards over all history, but it’s to do with what gets noticed these days.)

    To get back to the thread: the IDF also may not have done: terrible things are said about the side which one does not favour, in war. This is called “a PR tactic”. (See my comment about what happenes to civilians, above.)

    In 1915, did we not trumpet to the world that “The Huns” were bayonetting women and children in Belgium”? They may have done: they may not. The evidence is scanty even today. I am not inclined to believe it, although standard Prussian War Doctrine, carried oevr into the 20th Century by German Forces in Europe, stipulated the institutionalised terrorisation of occupied civilians, so as to reduce partisan activity and other forms of resistence to a suitable bureaucratically-bearable minimum, by a few exemplary and public acts of retribution.

    You know perfectly well of the many instances of which I speak.

    In 1991, did the media not trumpet that Saddam’s troops were “throwing babies out of incubators” in Kuwait….or some such? (The media were on our side then. they are not usually, perhaps because it’s sort of scary and “big” to be against good. So why did they go along with scare-stories that favoured us [the coalition forces] then?)

    My only point is to focus people’s attention on what they think about one people’s position in history, as opposed to another’s.

    I think that a complete world tunraround in under half a century, in “world” opinion of Israel and Jews, smacks of something more sinister and more perverted than just a desire to see fair play in Gaza, wherever that may be.

  3. Tristan:

    I recall Mrs. Golda Meir, Israeli Premier, saying:

    “We will forgive you for killing our children; but we will NEVER forgive you for making us kill your children.”

    You might do well to remember the maxim: “In war, Truth is the first casualty.”.



  4. Thanks Tony, you did it better than I!

  5. Dave:

    You are steadily “raising your game.”

    If only we can get you off this “Gramsco-Marxianism” trophe, there’s real hope for you. >:-}

    “If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn’t part of ourselves doesn’t disturb us.”

    – Hermann Hesse

  6. Steven Northwood

    Tristan, don’t speak like that to David. The ‘always-clean blue-tied eighteenth-century master-and-commander’ is worth more than gold, or should I say considerably more than things I wish I’d stored my wealth in, with what fucking pittance that I have.

    You’re right about the Israeli methods – if they’re going to launch a war, they should be assured of victory, and they should make provisions for the movement of refugees.

    Look, I know it’s some right spot they’ve picked to build a country, but as DD will rightly agree, there was not a Palestinian state before Israel, it was us that controlled it.

    So what’s the crack there then? The Middle East goes about its ways as-is, then these Jews come over – after apparently the Rothschild family had bought significant parts of the land – and sit around a table under command of their armed force, and declare the State of Israel.

    And all the strife since. How’s the Japanese economy doing by the way, they okay? I know their economic office was giving the Exchequer some advice about how best to deal with this financial crisis.

    Hey, thinking about that, why do we have to make do with the same old shit? Why don’t we help China kick the Japanese off their, what would you call it, erm, Japan?

    Look, just move them out. I feel in my guts that I’m jursiprudentially misbehaving, but under any logic I can’t see an alternative. It’s been folly of the Israeli State to allow this to go on for as long as it has – whatever ther resolution- and they ought to look at clear cut lines and strategically, from a political point of view, make any attack against them like Mel Gibson stumbling over the tallest part of Hadrian’s Wall, drunk.

    But it won’t end there. I’m biased anyway, I like their books. Not the Palestinians, although the Japanese have made major contributions to my library, but Jews. Very intelligent, aren’t they? :-)

  7. being opposed to israel does not mean being anti-semitic

    though your islamaphobia is transparent

  8. Israel is a structurally and religiously Jewish State. States are not a perfect way of organising civilisation but we are stuck with them for now.

    Therefore being opposed ot Israel does, actually and deductively, mean being anti-semitic.

    Are you opposed to Israel, Sandra? Also, what do you actually mean, when defining your terms, by “being opposed to Israel”?

    I never said I was “opposed to Israel”? What then exactly did you mean by that phrase?

    I do not suffer from “Islamophobia” . That’s because I do not fear Islam. “Phobia” is a Greek-rooted word for “fear”. I’m not sure what you mean by your sentence. Could you explain perhaps, what you mean by “Islamophobia”?

  9. Rav Rachamim Paul

    As has been said – often: “Israel is again snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.”

    This is shaping up as an exact repeat of the humiliating Lebanon 2006 failure.

    I had earlier recommended that this impossibly incompetent gaggle called the Kadima Party should be scooped up by either the IDF(Israel Defense Force) or Mossad and put into protective seclusion as a clear and present danger to the nation.

    For eight years the last Israeli government and this gang did virtually nothing to stop the Hamas Rockets. Now, close to the February 10th elections, they started a long overdue war to make the Kadima Party look like a real government – just so they can stay in power. Remember, in all politics, Power is usually the main goal, NOT protecting the people they are supposed to take care of.

    Now, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who is well known as a protector of the Muslim Arab Palestinian Terrorists, now leads Israel’s Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni by the nose to sign another non-peace declaration, knowing the main stockpile of Rockets, long range Missiles from Iran through Syria and Egypt remain intact and ready to use.

    If ever there was a time to drag these traitors to the nation out of the office they have tarnished – that time is now!

    Regrettably, the general Israeli population has been too easily led by corrupt politicians and then elects them again and again. They say “we get what we deserve”. Certainly Olmert, Livni, Defense Minister Ehud Barak and President Shimon Peres are the dregs at the bottom of the barrel. This includes the Kadima Cabinet and many in the Knesset.

    How terribly sad that the Jewish nation which the Jewish people have prayed and waited for over a thousand years is to be dragged down by the lowest of Jewish trash.


    Jan. 18, 2009 5:26 PM The unilateral cease fire of last night broke down on the ground this morning with a fire fight. Then 6 rockets to Sderot and 1 to Kiriat Gat. So much for the peace that does not exist.