Tungsten light bulbs: buy them now…..

…while you can.

David Davis

Chris Taylor, of Shakespeare Street Southport, tel 01704 544047, still has them, for a bit.

….and Knirirr has something to say about sockets and fittings, and the EU or at least how the EU is projected to people by shops….. (the second one may get you diect to the paragraph.)

HOW TO DISPOSE OF CFL/modern/low energy light bulbs:-

(NOTE: I had in fact typed a carefully-worked out series of instrictions, for how to inconvenience bureaucrats in the course of their “business”, for this slot. But the blog would probably get shut down if I published it.

So, what you should do instead, is (a) smash the bulb, and (b) put the remains in your wheely-bin.)

One response to “Tungsten light bulbs: buy them now…..

  1. You should put the bulb inside a postal envelope, then smash the bulb inside the envelope and mail the toxic remains to your green-nazi congressman. LOL !

    Let them know how you feel at being forced to buy shit fluo bulbs.

    Since your democrat congressman has forced you to buy those toxic light bulbs, let them pick up the garbage and dispose of it.

    It’s only fair, if they don’t want to receive toxic waste, then they should not force us to buy those bulbs.