Could I have some please!

David Davis

Viagra for Afghan warlords. Well, I never! I guess it makes sense as the stuff comes from India as £2 a pill or less, and probably cheaper over there as India is down the garden path.

But perhaps the CIA ought to think of its friends first, instead – as always – of its enemies? Perhpas it ought to be offering lots and lots and lots of it to ageing British and American Libertarians, so that we can beget lots and lots of Classical liberal children? After all, that’s what the enemy is doing isn’t it? (They pretend not to need Viagra, but perhaps the Man-Woman-Meme involved is different…in the West, the sheer physical effort involved, to make the woman “willing”, takies it out of you a bit. Nature intended hominid f***s to be really quick as is right and good, or you would get eaten by a giant-short-arsed-bear while your back was turned, literally.)

2 responses to “Could I have some please!

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