The Harzi-Karzi-Robotroid will speak about Christmas tomorrow (and no I did NOT mean Dr Rowan Williams…)

It’s Rowan Williams that will always and everywhere, be referred to as the Asse-Hatte. So he’s not the Iranian thingy-chappy then, so there.

David Davis

Hah. I feel the 1940s coming on, all over again….The Nazi impersonating a president of an otherwise blameless people, that fellow Harzi-Khazi of Persia, has decided to pay our Enemy Class some money, or else the promise not to capture some of our ships, in order to broadcast to us. He obviously does not know who William Joyce was (I would not have hung the bastard, just talked about him lots and lots, and then ignored him, and put him in the street, in somewhere like Silvertown. (You all know where that is.))

I shall watch it then, to see what the Robotroid mimics the saying of, and we will then tell you about what it said and how it fits into the War.

HOWEVER…. he denies the holocaust, saying (it will be alleged by him in the programme) that it is a “myth”. Holocaust denial is not a crime in the UK, but it is in the EU and we “are in the EU”…it will be interesting to see if the government of Austria (the most guilty nation of all, from the figures we have about involvement, percent per head, per billion untermenschen killed) has Harzi-Khazi arrested…I doubt it somehow. (The people of Iran which is a modern country trying to get out, could do without him for a while, that’s for sure.) And perhaps there’s something wrong with the Austrians, but I’d better not go there.

Fine, let him broadcast. He wants to overthrow a system which gives him the leave to criticise it, and I’ll not arraign him over holocaust rubbish, for people ought to be able to believe what they want about this even if it makes them into shitheads. I’ll take account of mitigating pleas for clemency, since it was done at Christmas when everyone is drunk, at the War Crimes Trial of British Enemy Class apparatchiks, of which Harzi-Khazi is one, and which I will be pleased to preside at. Sorry, Sean, the buggers can’t really, really be allowed to get away, taking their pensions with them too; it will devalue the enormity of their crime in their eyes and those of their families’. We know how wicked they are: they and those who love them do not, yet.

Happy Christmas: war is over (so he thinks.)

5 responses to “The Harzi-Karzi-Robotroid will speak about Christmas tomorrow (and no I did NOT mean Dr Rowan Williams…)

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  2. I don’t understand a word of that, Tony old chap.

  3. What’s Israel got to do with it except that the Robotroid wasnts to erase it|? Don’t see the connetcion.

  4. Steven Northwood

    In common sense terms, I can’t see what his problem is. I know it’s some right spot they’ve picked to build a country, but it’s still only, what, 1% of the Middle East or Muslim lands as a whole.

    To me it’s just like Cyprus or Turkey or something, I mean, what’s their problem? It’s strange to observe, but most people who don’t like the Jews are anti-Zionist.

    Do they need a fucking brain transplant or what? So they don’t like the Jews, they don’t want them in their country and they don’t want them to have a country. And they operate this policy against some of the most talented and intelligent people in the world, and wonder why they get politely handed their ass at each and every turn.

    I mean, it’s got to be like Cyprus hasn’t it? When you’re gifted – by lounging or wealth – and have the opportunity for proper Greek-style thought, you come to these conclusions. I live my life day-to-day, talking to people and so on, but whenever I’ve had cause to elevate my thoughts to a higher level, very prominent in the literature are English, Germans, French, Slavonic peoples* (*formost here, and largely above the rest is Dr. Tesla :-) Americans, Japanese, Chinese, Russians… The list goes on and on.

    But above all, it IS the Jewish peoples which think and teach the most. And with regard for example to the Japanese and Germans and Jews, all intelligence is universal.

    All types can benefit from each kind. Socialists will hate that kind of distinction worse than pepper thrown on them if they had the flu, but it is true, despite.

    Personally I like the guy as an individual. In 2006 I emailed him to offer to put his English language material into proper grammar. Funnily enough he never replied.

    He’s taken a few leaves out of the West’s book of morality somewhere along the way, and whether or not he thinks he was just using it for his own ends, it has had an effect on him.

    I hope the Iranians do well, they have a history which pound-for-pound is comparable with our own. They should prosper and become fully conscious. Hope they do.

  5. Steven Northwood

    It’s something he’s subscribed to David.