Some people are not home yet

Peter Davis

A soldier’s night before Christmas:-

But one came home in a box:-

These chaps are still there:-

4 responses to “Some people are not home yet

  1. Peter:

    Thank you.

    This, from the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Foundation, which I support.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


  2. Steven Northwood

    A serialisation of a Spitfire pilot’s story I’ve seen on TV or through text;

    “I came from the Czech land which had been overrun by Germany, and I didn’t know if my family was alive or dead. I didn’t really care. They kept asking me if I wanted coffee or cocoa, and I told them no, ‘I just want to fight.’ “I was convinced that Great Britain was going to lose this war. They gave me a plane called the Supermarine Spitfire, and a short handbook to learn for my first manouvers. I knew they were asking far too much that was possible, but I did it. I thought I would die. To my amazement, the plane reacted perfectly, it felt like I was held tightly in a cradle (That’s because the Spitfire keeps optimum wind resistance at all degrees because of it’s wing formation) and when I landed back at the airfield, I went straight to the canteen and had a coffee. I knew then, we could win.”

    An old TV program I saw years ago, please correct me on details and/or/if I’m wrong.

  3. I heard of it somewhere too, but can’t remember where.

  4. An old man, probably now dead, who flew in them also told me that you strapped the Spitfire onto your arse and your back, and you then flew.