Islamic terrorism … India, being the next country to succeed to get out of the Dark Ages, wil be hit.

David Davis

I mean, it’s obvious, isn’t it.

If any country shows signs, from now on, of encompassing liberty, whether economic or social or both, then HIT IT.

Fortunately, India will take some pulling down. We took some good stuff, and over four centuries of trial and error, made it even better.

Then, they will have to go fo China. I don’t fancy their chances there much. But it’s a pity that we’ll have long been anihilated, or worse, and won’t be allowed to view on the interweb their destruction at the hands of the logical Chinese, who will see liberty as better than pre-capitalist desert-warlordian barbarism.

2 responses to “Islamic terrorism … India, being the next country to succeed to get out of the Dark Ages, wil be hit.

  1. According to me, as soon as a society starts gaining political and economic stability, it starts inspiring for Liberty of maximum extreme.

    Indian history shows such trends.

    About Islamic terrorism, if Indians want to eradicate islamic terrorism through static government military actions, than I am sure India will also change in a bastardized state like America which will not flinch to opt for a collectivist wolf like George Bush or a socialist vulture like Obama. Actually I find no difference between Indian and american politicians.

    To counter terrorism, Indian need to look for new and better ways, and yes static governmental military actions cannot be termed as libertarian. American attack on Iraq and Israel/palestine vociferous struggling aren’t libertarian. Ever heard of anti-war libertarians?

  2. i request all the muslims to commit suicide. atleast you all go out of sacred india. india has been infected by islam right from the invasion of moguls. all hindus must know that there are many countries meant for christians and muslims. but for hindus there is only one country and that is india. you devil muslims please get out of india even if you are converted to islam yesterday. it is because of muslims india is not developing, they are laming india. i am a great fan of a r rehman, tamil musician, but that hypocrite converted to islam just because of poverty. he became wealthy not because allah gave him riches but it is only a coincidence of his good times. ” you reap what you sow.” it is lord who created the world, and this world would one day be destroyed. and so god created disasters such as tsunami, global warming, most importantly islam. according to the sins each will face the consequences. if there is a religion for good obviously there should be a religion for evil and that is islam. one day the world will be over because of the surge of muslims. ghandhiji was shot because he said, ” those muslims willing to stay in india can stay” after independence. god is watching all the atrocities carried out by muslims, but one day they will be put to trial. ” tharmathin valvuthanai suthu kavum annal iru dhiyil dharmamey vellum.” i want to ask one question, whom the world worshipped before the birth of muhammud and christ. people woshipped nature such as sea, fire, earth, sky, etc. because god is every where. god is there in all the panchaboothams in the form of lord shiva and that mode of worship is beyond ancient and is practical. hinduism is a way of living. i am not urging people for hindu conversion as hinduism does not believe in conversion. ” yathum urey yavarum keyleer.” everyone are hindus in the true aspect.” every good man does not claim he is good, similarly god does not say he is superior just because every one and every where is god. one who realises this aspect will be liberated. one should preserve culture. today people are converting to islam and christianity because of the following reasons- 1) ignorance of one’s mother religion. 2) ignorance of the religion to be converted. 3) passion for variety and change. 4)to hide one’s caste. 5) poverty. 6) pressure from others. can you change your mother, mother tongue, mother country, then how the hell it is possible to change the mother religion. every religion has its culture. religion is culture and culture is based on the place of living. we hindus were called so because the hindu culture was known from the indus valley. thank you.