And now for some more music….and let’s recolonise the Moon while we are at it.

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  2. Steven Northwood

    “There’s one thing I can assure you of; with the Outer-Space Program, your tax dollar will go much further.”
    – Dr Wernher von Braun, to dissenters wanting to spend the space budget on welfare programs.

    One thing people often don’t realise about the NASA space programs is that they make money for the American economy. If Rupert Murdoch wants to broadcast his TV stations into every house in the land, he can spend trillions of dollars digging up the roads, or he can pay maybe a few billion to launch satellites and transfer the cost of each individual satellite dish to the customer. And who will he pay to do it? Given satellite dishes are now largely a thing of the past, but not to mention the advantage created within the American economy by the knowledge and capabilities created by NASA technology.

    “I think that anybody who walks up to a Saturn Five, and looks at it, and looks at the engines themselves and the huge tanks, often wonders how this is ever going to get off the ground. “And of course it produced around a million and a half pounds more thrust than our present-day Shuttle. It burned fuel at the rate of fifteen tons per second. “An amazing testament to the technology of that day, and to this day.”
    – James Lovell, Astronaut, Apollo 8 & 13.