Castro approves of Obama: so….that’s it then!

David Davis

Via Michelle Malkin. Sorry it’s not too original or even new. I have to go and do some tasks.

2 responses to “Castro approves of Obama: so….that’s it then!

  1. There’s no doubt in my mind that many other unsavory characters such as “Fidel the Oppressor” are celebrating Obama’s victory.
    After all…they fully expect that Obama will do much to contribute to the decline of the U.S. and it’s Western Allies. And they are probably right.

    Big Government and Socialist plans are what his supporters have requested. It will be interesting to see how his supporters will react when the ‘bills’ for such “Changes” begin to mount up.
    But at the moment they are basking in the glory of initial political triumph and will continue to ignore warnings from other’s who carry the heavy yoke of Socialism on their own shoulders in their respective countries. Eventually the road they have chosen to travel in their quest for “Change” will lift up and strike them in the face. Obama’s ‘smooth talk’ won’t sooth them as the cost of goods and services rise, personal freedoms dwindle and employment is terminated. Then perhaps Obama will once again attempt to redirect their anger. To use it to his advantage to lay blame on ‘Enemies of the People” and introduce far more ‘Radical’ agendas as ‘Solutions’.


  2. If you think Obama’s list of “OLD FRIENDS” is dangerous….Just wait until you see the “NEW LIST”