You’re not allowed to dress like a James-I era gentleman any more…

Peter Davis (“inset” day activities)

From Obnoxio the Clown I learned that Guido Fawkes has got this material of some guys (no pun intended) walking down Whitehall I think from much younger memory, dressed in a way that makes a political and historical point. Nothing esle worse than that as far as I could tell.

Here’s some of them doing the really bad thing of “going for a walk” “near the “Houses oik Parliament.” :-

Here’s what happened next. They walked past the heavily-guarded entrance to the Führer’s Bunker Downing Street:-

Then there only seems to be photos, but this happened. What the socialists can’t seem to understand is that if they let these people through and just ignored them, it would take the wind out of the sails of people who say that WE ARE living in a Police State:-

DNA alert! DNA alert!

DNA alert! DNA alert!

3 responses to “You’re not allowed to dress like a James-I era gentleman any more…

  1. I wish I could have joined OH and his friends on this walk, but instead, no, I had to go study tort law. Fuck the Herrington principle, I want my liberty.

    All I managed to do was wander campus in a Guy mask. I got a few odd looks, and few rounds of applause even, and a fiver from my gambling housemate, but I would much rather have been there in London.

  2. Every Libertarian should be applauding this first strike back, every MP will have received his/her/its copy of 1984 today.

  3. good on yer Guthrum!

  4. How long before at least one of these events gets reported in the MSM? I could imagine the walk being hushed up, but the 1984 campaign? There’s no way THAT could covered up for long.