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And some good new stuff in the grand tradition: make sure you do something similar but also original, when you “go up”.

David Davis

Look ye here…..

How do they do that...?

How do they do that...?

And, it’s Sunday, so here’s some music, so there is, to be sure!

And this!

David Davis

Franz Liszt was a good-guy. And Liverpool CoFeEE-cathedral’s just down-t’road from us. We forgive them for being schismatic, for they did go and build a grand cathedral, with that sodding great organ in it too.

And the bells are fine, so they are. My mate Raymond Woods (who employed me for a year) rings them every Third Sunday of the Month, so go and hear him if you can and if you are in Liverpool at all (at-all at-all at-all.)

Let’s hear it for young Christopher Galley … and I recommend the discussion now going on on Samizdata, about East Germany…

And you can, if you want, go to our later post about the rights and wrongs of nicking State documents, depending on who’s complaining about the leaking, here.

David Davis

The Landed Underclass has found out that the Daily Mail has found out the name of the “civil servant” also arrested in the Damian Green Lynching (by the Interior Ministry Home Office) and who has not been seen or heard of since 19th November. Could we be starting to have our own crop of “the disappeared”?

And here’s the link to go to Samizdata and take part in a breaking-news discussion about whether Gordon Brown and his mountebank ex-Hertford (traitor – how could you sink so low as to be a socialist and therefore willingly to choose to do evil?) scumbag post-accolyte “Jacqui” “Smith” would have been at home in the Stasi.

I think that it’s the University’s obligation to the rest of us out here, striving as we are, to delete her degree. I am hurt. If they could not find it in their hearts to give Margaret Thatcher (Som.) a scumbag honourary one, who got a real First, in Science, became a lawyer (bad move) and then went on to challenege the Evil Empire, then they ought to take away a real second, from “Smith J” (Hert.) who just wants to be powerful and to enslave people – and who therefore can’t be good for her University in the longer term. It stands up.

Also, I bet 5p dhe was a “JCR president” or, worse, just wanted to be one.

Two Britains now…Brown’s Green one, and the one that does the paying.

David Davis

Besides there not being very many libertarians – period – I am prepared to bet around 50p that there are even fewer who work in or depend in any way on the “Public Sector. Michael fallon’s article here in today’s Sunday Quislingraph, outlines the sheer scale of the Brownian State Clientariat problem, but does not even hint at a solution. Paradoxically, a poor wretched tyrannised 3rd-world economy may be better able to cope with such conditions than an intricate, highly-stressed 1st-world one like the UK. At least it’s got the gangsters of the world like Russia, France and the dictators of those unfortunate nations now going down the pan llike Venezuela (and the UN to screw even more out of the likes of us) to send it money, “aid”, tanks, gold beds and Mercs-for-Jerks.

The scarcity of Libertarians in British State employment means I can afford to be as negative as I like about what should be done with the millions of State buggers.

Since we unfortunately are constrained to hold elections and thus decide which lot of Statists gets power for a few years until we get bored with them, Fallon is right not to touch the issue of what should be done about our “Public services” and the featherbedding of their “employees”.

However, Sean Gabb in a pamphlet originally drafted as “How to destroy the Enemy Class” , but now published as “Culture revolution, Culture war“, is more radical. He does not actively suggest – or even at all – that we should round the bastards up at gunpoint while torching their offices and homes, then string them up or lynch them in the street.

This will not even be done in return for their depredations into our savings and purchasing-power, their wilful destruction of our traditions and culture, education system, folk-memory (you can see just one aspect of this described by Tom Paine over at The Last Ditch, and it’s OUR fault for letting it happen), landscape, our institutions both great and world-renowned and also our smaller, even more important local voluntary ones which did more than their duty for centuries, often almost invisibly. (And, I thought I’d better direct you to this which we said some days ago, about hairdressers in a place called Norwich, and mulled wine, and banning it being given to customers at Christmas…you don’t understand a word I’m saying, do you.)

But for me, and it’s probably a good thing that I will never get my way, something more akin to a bloodless revolution but encompassing suitable revenge, such as these measures following. I would do over their offices thoroughly – that bit anyway: it will be fun to take mallets to all their hard disks, and make huge street bonfires of all their records – inclusing their “employment history”, their CVs, and pension “entitlements”….. And then:-

(1) Put the buggers out on the street – all of them. (“Salaries” will be stopped, as is natural in a case of this kind – there has been wilful thieving of the money of others. They have knowingly received monies “raised” by “taxation”, and have accepted it and spent it.)

(2) Cancel their pension rights and entitlements (there has to be suffering, for purgatory to be achieved, and it will concentrate their efforts into finding profitable private sector work such as driving white vans to boot-fairs at 06:00 am on Sundays in the winter, cleaning windows or bricklaying.)

(3) Deprive then of the Franchise, for periods from five years to life. Redundant Ministers of the Crown whose departments have been closed, and all socialist MPs past or present (except individuals like Frank Field, Kate Hoey and the like) will be deprived for life: persons who previously described themselves on purpose as “Directors of Civic Engagement” for “Hospital trusts” (whatever those were) will get five to ten years.

There may be other measures I would take, designed strictly to prevent a new political class from ever regaining control of so many levers of power, and trying to hold onto them so irrevocably. Certainly the number and reach of State “Ministries” will be drastically cut, as will the objectives and staffing of “local councils”. they might be allowed to plant dafodils, and sweep pavements – even run libraries, but not much more.

A British Libertarian State would also, for example, have nothing to do with “providing” any sort of “education” whatsoever, nor would it want to hijack “the environment” as an excuse for meddling threateningly and violently in people’s private affairs such as who they wish to employ to collect their refuse and scrap fridges, TVs etc. The “Foreign Office” might profitably be closed and its residual functions transferred to the Offices of the Secretary of State for War (I am afraid there will still be wars, and some may be unavoidable – it will depend on the other “States”, for the duration of their existence.

I may suggest other reforms later. But the situation of people who have actively sought “employment” in “Public Services” is, in most cases, akin to that of Death-Camp Guards and “shower room staff”: They knew what they were doing, and there must eventually be a cost.

The cost to probably hundreds of German people – and a surprisingly high number of Austrians (why?) –  who did this job in death camps as “Public Service” was “special treatment”, but this time at the hands of us or (worse) the Russians, and not by Himmler who invented the phrase. The cost to hundreds of thousands of others, mostly probably innocent of actual crimes, but only because the mass of the rest failed to not vote for the NSDAP in 1933, was death by bombing.

Nowhere do I suggest that we should, if and when our time comes, exact ultimate revenge on our home-grown Nazis, be they great such as “Ministers” and “Local Authority Chief Executives” or small, such as “gay disabled lesbian outreach assistants”. But they should pay a physical price, in public, that is inconvenient, depressing, involves non- or minimal participation in the future good fortune of innocent people in the private sector, and is also prolonged. They should not be allowed to enjoy re-invigorated capitalism until they are too old to profit.

Sorry if this is ostensibly cruel, but the wilful, premeditated, and long-planned “misprision of destruction” of the only civilisation that is the Father of Freedom, should be recognised jurisprudentially.

Music and advent … and let’s remember all the forgotten boys we lost in Vietnam too, and what a wonderful land we still live in today, in which people can still become “disappeared”

….like this guy, courtesy of The Landed Underclass having noticed something sinister, about our guvmint and its antics.

Let’s play some music for the guys:-

That’s it: the Gestapo will have to be killed.

David Davis

Norwich City Council (what is that, please?) say that “Hair Dressers” can’t offer their customers free glasses of mulled wine, or beer. if they do, “undercover officers” will grass them up, and send them to jail for 6 MONTHS or fine them £20,000.

I don’t know what the world is coming to.

I think we are turning into two nations and not one. One is good, and the other has turned evil. There will have to be a war.

I am very sad about this, for all war is horrible and destructive, and even when we win, stuff is lost and nothing is the same afterwards. Just looik at WW1 (1752-59), WW2 (1792-1815), WW3 – 1899-1989, with an armistice currently going on…

I don’t really know what sort of people work for “Councils” these days. I am not sure what the qualifications are, or ought to be, or quite how clever you have to be to get such a job. I expect you’d have to be really quite clever, as I don’t know any of these person-trons who do this sort of stuff. But if they do such evil things, and if I had a daughter, then I’m not sure I’d want her to marry a “Councillor” or even at a push, a paid citizen-slaughterer for one if she was “up-the-duff” and therefore devalued and had to accept this dude.

Old Brian on Damian Green, a good analysis.

David Davis

Brian Micklethwait at Samizdata cuts this to the bone for you. He thinks that, when the junta government starts to arrest opposition politicians for doing things that it itself has been doing for decades, its time is up.

I’m not so sanguine as him. I think it’s just got worse. But either way, we will live in “interesting times”. I’m not so sure that I’m brave enough, or unconnected-enough, to want to. I have wives and children etc.

See what you all think about Will Rhodes Portmanteau, on the same thing.