“A family blog”? Some blog…some family!

Antoine Clarke

I don’t read this blog, because I find it an embarrassment. I don’t write for it as much as I’d like either for the same reason.

The header only carries pictures of dead people, most of whom weren’t Libertarians.

Most of the writing on this blog would be great, if trying to talk down at teenagers badly was a good idea.

The skimpy ladies are idiotic (get a life, failing that, go to Zoo, Nuts or FHM). It reminds me of the 1980s overgrown adolescents’ game of counting female nipples in copies of Sunday Sport.

And this prose: OMG!

This fairly pleasant-looking young woman seems to have brought several hundred hits to the bolg, merely by tamely repeating “I’m saving the planet” mantras on Sky news. Astounding really, since we are just a think-tank, and we don’t even agree with her with the people who have told her what to say.

And, she’s even from Bromley. Just down the road really. Marilyn Monroe, you are nowhere, stop hanging out with the corrupt, grasping, self-centred Kennedys, and get a life.

As this is a family blog, read by women and children too, ladies don’t take off their bras in front of people they don’t know:-

Apart from the insane reference to Marilyn Monroe, the bit that gets me is the claim that “this is a family blog”. What kind of family? You would have had to beat me near death to read anything as bad as this blog when I was child. How many women read this blog?

Using Tags like this: Tagged: , , , , may get some people who search for these words on Google to accidentally land on the LA blog. But this is no more than Spam. I’d be annoyed, not happy, to search for “bra” and “girls” to find myself pointed to some of the rubbish on this blog.

I could excuse this, if there was anything of immediate relevance to Libertarian Alliance supporters. (What has the Battle of Agincourt got to do with Libertarianism? Discuss in no more than 300 words.)

What people who are unable to attend the LA Conference this weekend might like is live-blogging [here’s a demonstration from the U.S. vice presidential debate recently] from the National Liberal Club. Instead we get Milton Friedman videos that, if I’m not mistaken, are nearly 20 years old.

Last year, I asked if we could have wi-fi at the next LA Conference so bloggers could report it live. Sadly, this was not done. I can’t be the only person unable to attend the Saturday events who would have liked to see something about the conference up by now. Does anyone wonder if the leftist Daily Kos would fail to ensure bloggers could cover their events? No, I didn’t think so.

If the National Liberal Club can’t accommodate wi-fi, the LA Conference should go elsewhere.

Was there any mention of the LA Conference on Facebook? MySpace? Google News? Guido Fawkes? Samizdata? No.

Was there any serious attempt at press coverage? Not even a press release in the run-up to the event.

Any broadcast media or live podcasts [Here’s a recent one by Patrick Crozier on the financial crisis]? No.

Any use of newer communications: Twitter? Qik? No.

Looking at the old conservative men peering down from the header on either side of Chris Tame, I see very little to inspire for the future.

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  2. Antoine:

    ” The header only carries pictures of dead people, most of whom weren’t Libertarians.”

    This is a valid criticism. By all means, let’s have Chris Tame here; but the others gotta go…

    Let’s have Karl Popper, Sam Brittan, Adam Smith and Robert Nozick there instead. Along with posts that reflect their Critical Rational, “people-friendly” ideas.

    I like Dave Davis — he’s a dear friend, and has so many of the idiosyncracies I cherish. For some reson, I have an affection for this blog — and I’m not a big fan of blogs. I would like the LA to have a proper full Small Machines Forum Conferencing and Discussions venue like http://www.thementalmilitia.com , where I post a lot.

    I’m not one of the controllers of the LA any more (I don’t want to be — I have my own SMF Agora to build, hosted in Atlanta). I prefer discussions WITH people to broadcasting AT people.

    You are quite right to point out some of the “outreach” possibilities of the new technologies. I’m not an Officer of the LA any more (and I don’t want to be part of an “ongoing storm system”). I could implement most of the changes you wish to see; but I won’t, partly because I like “biodiversity”, and partly because I have my own preferred “mix” of ideas, and my own “preferred audience.”

    This is Dave Davis’ sandbox, and I play in here at his pleasure. Most “libertarians” have succumbed to the Crony-Capitalist temptation, and have become Absolutist ideologues, and I want nothing to do with them. All they have to offer is Privatized Prisons of one sort or another. I prefer liberty. Human Rights.

    “Not with my life you don’t.” >:-}

    I want to see more of the sort of ideas to be found in Keith Preston’s excellent Essay.

    Have a nice day!

    Tony Hollick

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  5. Chris’ photo should stay without question for several reasons, not least that it’s a good picture.

    As the LA’s founder, the way he is not trying to look like a 19th century Tory Prime Minister, the Alternative Bookshop reference, these are all good reasons for this photo.

    But I also like it, because it represents the idea that we’re about ideas and fun.

  6. Dear Antoine…

    You’ve no idea how long, really long, it took me to come up with the Marilyn Monroe/worthless Kennedys thingy-irony-whatsit.

    I’m old now. My memory begins to fail me. At least a couple of minutes it was I think.

    Don’t you also think the Kennedys were worthless scumbags of shite? Perhaps if we all began to pillory them – in connection with others whose lives they ruined, instead of baldly and humourlessly stating the facts, which were that the Kennedys were self-regarding turds who free-rode over the lives and deaths of millions (nobody will believe that yet) – then we might get somewhere?

    I was not aware that the Kennedys were helpers of libertarianism, so even though they are very dead, and will remain so, I will have goes at them from time to time.

  7. I’ve put him in the middle because he was my friend, and also the best.

    Hayek is on the end, holding the achievement up, as he wrote possibly the most important treatises.

    Reagan is on the right, because he, with his friend Thatcher, tore down the wall, “freed a lot of people” (more than Martin Luther King – know the song?) and DID STUFF.

    The others are good guys and wrote well. There wasn;t room for Popper, but I’m planning another one which may alternate with this one.

    If you’re not careful, I’ll put Keeley Hazell in it.

  8. Also, Antoine,

    How many other bloggers just go to

    … and simply hijack your posts, and reprint them?

    Name 500.

  9. I don’t mind a bit. If they want to, I’m freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  12. I agree with Antoine.

    Too much of this blog is taken up with pointless rubbish which gives libertarianism a bad name.

    I’m fed up with having to defend libertarianism against claims that Reagan was one – he was not, he was a statist who mimicked some libertarian messages, but was still bent upon the rule of the political classes.

  13. Dave, I think you would do well to ignore the comments of people like Antoine Clarke. As far as I am concerned, this is YOUR blog, on which you work bloody hard, and to which people like Antoine have contributed sweet FA. If it doesn’t meet with their approval, too bloody bad.

    As to that header, it’s again too bad. One can’t please all of the people all of the time; but if the header pleases you and is not grossly and generally offensive then that is sufficient reason for it to be there.

  14. The header does please me, sort of, Mario, although i wish I could have done it better. I wanted my old friend in the middle, and also the presence of those whose writings or deeds had pleased me somewhat when I was younger. Wish I’d been able to fit Popper in, I may try sometime.

    Having been in marketing for 16 years, some time ago, taught me the value (against received wisdom at the time!) of a constant Brand Image. I always felt that the most successful and most-recognised brands of the 20th century almost never changed anything at all about their visuals or packaging. With us now getting several hundred hits a day consistently (and rising) I am definitely not inclinde to change it right this moment!

    But I will always take into account informed criticism from the Officers, if they think we are going down a blind alley.

    If Antoine wants to contact me directly and suggest how we can use newer comms tools, I’d be more than happy to talk about them and see if he can help me get them on here.

  15. And don’t worry, I won’t really put bikini-girls in it either! I was just winding people up.

  16. But….a variable set of similar headers, with different Libertarian/liberal pundits in it, now appeals to me! (Chris will have to be in the middle, so I can see him evey day.)

  17. To Tristan:-

    You may be trying to argue detail with individual combatants, about libertarianism.

    I’m trying to paint giant Rolf Harris pictures, with a yard-brush, for the millions to see, from afar, and in the DARK!

    There are MORE THAN ENOUGH (sorry for shouting) detailed dissector-blogs, for detailed arguments, about libertarian detail. There are about 37 on our blogroll. “Theys” talk to about three people at a time.

    That is fine! That’s what they are for! Even Antoine has one….or maybe more, I do not know. This one maybe was started like that too, I don’t know, I wasn’t there.

    But it got 3 hits in its first month, coz wee wozz redundant, and didn’t know what wee wozz for. (Sorry.)

    I simply decided that wee wozz for telling “other people” about libertarian ideas, IN RELATION TO THINGS in THEIR OWN LIVES. (That’s why I’m going a bt more populist.) They have not time to gasp, between taxes, let alone read Hayek or Rothbard or von Mises.

    I’m not even a very good writer. English was my worst O-level (I scraped a grade-6 pass.) I did better in German, even, and got 1’s in Latin and French. But I’m learning slowly to be an essayist, and hope one day to be asked to write elsewhere, by which time I hope not to have the time to do so….

    …so there’s the blog! I promise not to embarrass you people who are pleased to let me do it. But that’s all. In the meantime I will have succeeded when the daily readership exceeds the DT (long way to go.)