“Agincourt a war crime” say French

David Davis

I will have more to say about this ridiculous matter later, which surfaces today. Watch for a late pm post. The details of this battle, campaign, and the behaviour of many individuals have been known for centuries, so it’s just EU-type/Gallic tail-twisting to re-raise them now.

Here’s my later posting, to save you the trouble.

8 responses to ““Agincourt a war crime” say French

  1. Any fule kno that only the losers in any conflict can be accused of ‘war crimes’.

  2. So Johnny Frog will be issuing formal apologies and reparations for the conduct of that Corsican goat-thief Bonaparte and his hordes of thieving murderers then?

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  5. When Sarko apologises for the Norman Conquest, the ‘Harrying Of The North’, and the destruction of our, much missed, Anglo-Saxon society. Through gritted teeth, we can perhaps say sorry for our heroic ancestors valiantly slaughtering the garlic-munching swine in every major Anglo-French conflict between 1337-1815.

  6. Evil English!!

    I thought it was bad enough having to hang my head in shame during the minute of silence at the Scottish school I went to. Once a year the history made us all remember when the evil English slaughtered the innocent Scots at the Battle of Flodden Field, unfortunately for me I am English.

    But, Flodden field was only 500 years ago!

  7. You wait! they’ll have us apologising for Dupplin next!

  8. (That was the Scots, I meant …)