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David Davis

here’s a good one. Hat tip Burning our Money, via The Landed Underclass.

The trouble with socialism is that what it does is a parasitic/evil reflection, a sort of anti-chimera, of Christian charity. Just as Morgoth made orcs in corrupt imitation of elves.

Just as orcs cannot ever, ever emulate elves in any way, (see The Silmarillion,) big States and bureaucrats cannot ever, ever begin to “solve” “problems” of “unequal distribution of opportunity, wealth and access to public services”.

People go along with it, because (a) it looks sort of charitable and “big” (ie it might work, sort of, and they have not time to scratch their arses anyway, let alone give a few dollars to someone today) and (b) the statists have GUNS.

4 responses to “Graphs and things

  1. this is a worth graph.
    i suggest you
    pls do not add this type of post.

  2. I’ll add more now. thank you for the suggestion.

    I presume that’s what you wanted me to do?

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  4. Dave:

    It’s much worse than that.

    Morgoth bred Orcs from corrupted Elves…

    Men not being around at that time…