The British State DNA database…

….ought to be destroyed, for, unlike Nuclear bombs, it has been created entirely with malice aforethought and only for reasons which are utterly corrupt and wicked. Panopticon Britain talks about it here, and Jenny Willmot MP, who is trying to reverse SOME of the accumulated Stalinist slippage. those new to this subject will be shocked at how far we seem to have travelled towards a situation where absolutely anyone UK subject could have his DNA confiscated, reverse-engineered, type-matched and stored…..indefinitely.

Atomic bombs, although a State creation, have potential deterrent (and in the last resort actual) uses against enemies of the Western Civilisation Canon – at least for as long as those said enemies do not possess the same technology – that’s of course the whole point.

But to record information on one’s OWN CITIZENS on a catch-all basis, “for possible future use in crime-solving”, then taking the information by compulsion at any opportunity you have to lay your booted heel on the windpipe of an individual when you “have him where you want him”, is simply immoral, and ought not to be.

UPDATE:- You might like possibly to venture towards our POLL, here, about the agenda and intentions of the British State Enemy Class:-

One response to “The British State DNA database…

  1. Kevin Boatang

    It’s the same as the cctv crap. It has no effect on crime at all, but it helps the plods get their man.

    That really isnt a good enough to sample, store and watch every man woman and child for the crime of being alive.

    We are fast approaching a socialist paradise and at the next election we simply have to step up and kick these bastards in the nuts.

    Me first.