If asked, we are against blog regulation.

David Davis

When the time comes to stand up for freedom of speech on the internet, and elsewhere, it will be about as much use I think to say the above headline, as pissing in the wind, or what the possibly apcryphal bishop, asked once what was his opinion of sin, replied: “I’m against it”, he is reputed to have said…..

Today Guido throws down the gauntlet to the State, but sadly his graphic metaphor may be what actually happens.

But I have an idea, triggered by something in one of our earlier posts of today. It ought to be possible to steganograph the real message that a bolgpost carries, inside some other perfectly unexceptionable and state-approved text, such as an article by Polly Toynbee which we happen to be praising to the rooftops that day for its insightful solutions to the problems of the poor. I certainly don’t think we’d want to hide the stuff in kiddie-porn, not after the state thinks that “militant Islamists” or “extremists” (whatever those two guys might be) might be doing the same thing.

Perhaps “extreme right wing” bolgs ought to start carrying more pictures of slebs, racing cars, aeroplanes, common garden plants, valve amplifiers and other such nerdy stuff. Then, when Elizabeth Hurley turns up in a dress or something similar, our intended recipients can marquee-zoom onto the forth safety-pin on the right, copy a 400×200 selection, and de-steg that to get the post.

Fourth pin down, C U in loo...

Fourth pin down, C U in loo...

Oh, and we’ve said something about Eddy Bollocks that’s not quite as fully-positive and supportive of his policies as he would have liked, and it’s stegged in the above image…..

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  2. Steven Northwood

    Good. Her teeth. I couldn’t make sense of it all but if you’d let me I could [today or tomorrow, put some stuff up, and even some of the stuff I’ve been writing (hat tip Sean, David Herbert and any chance I have of a good reference] when I get chance, why not eh? Good, can ask Sean for his opinion likes. …….:-(……. Well, I only did it for my own enjoyment anyhow… :-)

    Sean-O! Do us well at Oxford, for inspiration consider why I feel I stick with you, because you are inherently and undeniably right in the problem which is Human Politics. Thanks.

  3. Steven Northwood

    And I want to thank David also. I feel forever thankful for your running of this, and, well, often awed that I acually talk to you. It is correct that you move back (considering politics today) to the front row, and hold the fort. I want you to be full David, that’s what I want.

    I can feel you blushing already… Oh Hm…

  4. Steven Northwood


  5. Steven Northwood

    Limited to two flights per year?……