We libertarians are sad, sad, boring politically-driven nerds….

…and we ought to get out more. Who ARE all these people we’d never heard of…..?

I mean, all this guff looks like more fun than vainly trying to save the world.

And….we don’t want to end up like socialists….sad, lonely murderers like castro, or Hitler, or Stalin, or Huggy-the-Chav, or Saddam (good riddance) who don’t like anyone.

3 responses to “We libertarians are sad, sad, boring politically-driven nerds….

  1. Dave:

    Someone can’t even spell!

    I get around!


    I could show you things…



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  2. Oops!

    That should be:


    What a difference an ‘e’ makes… >:-}



  3. You are soo stupid Castro didn’t kill anyone who didnt fight armed against him, the number of people Stalin killed is easily less than half of what they say, Hitler was a fashist and didn’t even say he was a socialist, so was saddam and so was huggy-the-chav