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Tom Harris MP thinks “an awful lot of people – perhaps dozens” are worried about our trend towards a police state

David Davis

Interesting comment thread on that post on his blog. About 97% critical of him I would guess. Brave guy, then, anyway.

And here’s Middleborough cops trying to interdict private photography in the street:-

Obama versus McCain: let’s all keep a sense of perspective

Peter Davis

Let’s concentrate on the important stuff…

…while greenazis demand a cut of £57 trillion in output, so we all have to become starving subsistence-farmers and yet live in the land that was the most efficient mechanized farming machine in the world – what they will love while they drive their SUV – and this is what the Paras were doing in the meantime….protecting the bastards’ right to flay us all with hunger and cold.

Libertarianism? Yes, for non-stalinists I think it’s good plan to be libertarian, and you might therefore be able to behave usefully as a sovereign individual in such a civilisation – ‘coz you’d know how to, sort of – but I’m not sure I’d any more want to die for a greenazi’s right to oppose us…not after what’s gone before. You know, guns and death and stuff, and “freedom fighters”. Skulls everywhere, many smashed and with biggish blast-holes: millions of the things… Year Zero; that sort of scumbag rubbish. Some things can’t be forgiven. I’d “let God sort them out”, from now on. Too much blood has flowed under the bridges, for us to be merciful any more.

I begin to understand the anger in blogs like the Devil, and Obnoxio, and Mr Eugenides….and all the others….we have tried to be patient men, but sometimes it does not work any more.

David Davis

The Landed Underclass sums up…..

…why we, who live in a stalinist paradise, need all these mind-altering potions. In the end, there is nothing. Even for those of us who believe in God and the eternity of Paradise in Heaven, scientists can’t really convince us that this will occur. So we have vodka and beer instead, to help us though the socialist “now” and its “future”.

David Davis

Oh dear…. why?

David Davis

Fast food outlets should be barred from opening near schools.”

Isn’t it enought that socialists have removed the content and taste from the lessons, for the poor little buggers? Do they have to do it to the food as well?

Hat tip Tim Worstall via Obnoxio the Clown.

If you have to turn all people into poor wrteched downtrodden sheeple, who agree with everything you say on Big Brother the Wireless Tele Vision, then at least let them have food which tastes of something.

It’s the socialists…..again

David Davis

India is climbing out of Ghandi-Nehru-induced barbarism and post-1947-reimposed-pre-British darkness, but the stalinists can’t have that. No, it can’t be allowed. For India to be a modern first-world nation will expose their dangerous irrelevance again, and a billion++++ people could be free, and for ever out of their control, if they are not careful. This stuff is no accident.

I just live to see the day when someone will say “thank you” to our civilisation. It is not this day, sadly, and Barack Obama is planning to postpone it for a very, very long time, and this really does matter, for he is about to, possibly drive the world’s most important polity for a few years, and I am very sad about that. (McCain would not be much better but the descent into the cesspool of oblivion and destruction,, under him, would take a bit longer.)

Rudyard Kipling wrote a story, once. Not really about India, but good anyway. Wayland Smith was free to go, as soon as someone thanked him, in the first chapter.

Fingerprinting of parents of nursery school children is of course, “not planned”.

David Davis


… = … Come in, Children, Eat, Relax, Obey……

I am astounded as usual, by the extent to which private outfits will sell rope to the hangmen.

As usual, Mr No-One, is planning to extend this scheme.In fact, more cleverly than is normally the case, he does not even get a mention.

Honeycomb Solutions (I bet you 50p that 90% of firms called “solutions” are hand-in-c*** glove with stalinist statists) says this. the article positively shimmers with all the statist planning buzzwords, and has prbably been written by the Department for Child Abuse Children (I expect there is one.)

As a Libertarian, one understands the concerns of the two parents of a child, for the wellbeing of their property, which is to say: the child. However, the fears of the majority about such things as abduction, molestation, paedophilia, assaults on children, and the like, all no more common now than 50 or 100 years ago, ought to be set aside in favour of the concern for civil liberty that this wedge-end-measure suggests will be the caes in more places in the future.

Who can say how long before it is used to prevent a “Fathers 4 Justice” father from getting his “kid” back from the State?