Another school mass-shooting…another State arms-confiscation plot?

David Davis

Another one of these harrowing horrors. Finland this time…and apparently there was one last year there too. The Finnish government must think, like ours, that it has a problem with privately held firearms…

Am I the only person who thinks that these repeated, and terrible, events are staged in some way? It’d be more plausible to think that “agences” are involved in these, than in the “Thermiting” of the Twin-Towers. Less expensive: fewer people to bribe, for less number of years, to keep silent. And you only have to rub out one guy (it’s always a  guy…what do they promise him, that so makes him do that thing? Sex? Money? More guns?)

There’s something fishy going on here down in the State-Cesspit, and I’m damned if I shan’t, one day, get to the bottom of it.

2 responses to “Another school mass-shooting…another State arms-confiscation plot?

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  2. Dave:

    Not a bad guess.

    Try this:

    Webster G Tarpley on Synthetic Terror

    Browart’s “Operation Mind Control” tells you how it can be done. A lot of money was spent to get this far. I was sent to the tender mercies of Dr. William Sargant as a kid of 14, by my “school”…