Destroying the English Language: benefits of this as a War Strategy for socialists

David Davis

Via Trooper Thompson, who re-alerted us to the underground machinations of buggers and bastards who work while we sleep and who manage our schools and colleges, we are reminded again that the assault on civilisation depends on a successful assault on language, by the destroyers.

They mean, on purpose and out of sheer wickedness and out of love of all that is evil and base, to undermine the intellectual mental disciplines inherent in high-level-languages, and especially English.

I cannot find a comparable situation involving an anti-grammaitcal-assault, on any other widely-spoken language, anywhere in the world. If bloggers can help me find one, I would be grateful, although it would undermine my thesis.

Disciplined use of language defends and immunizes people automatically, against pre-capitalist barbarism creeping back into the nooks and crannies of what we have built.

3 responses to “Destroying the English Language: benefits of this as a War Strategy for socialists

  1. Steven Northwood

    How can anyone these days suggest that we should become any less literate? In fact I’d like to see the language expanded, not shrunk. Let’s make the most of these letters those crazy Roman kids brought to us, eh? I can only therefore hope that Dr Wells is brutally murdered by a psychotic runaway Twat-O-Tron in the not-too-distant future.

  2. Peter Davis,
    Libertarian Alliance Youtube Research Director, said:-

    I can’t find anoyone doing this to to say Spanish, the third most widely spoken language after Chinese and English,and Spain is basically South West France which is also West Germany, and the Spanish don’t like England:-

    (1) because we wasted them in the Armada, and
    (2) because our tourists are all drunk, and give the locals a harder time than they deserve.

  3. Steven Northwood

    Welcome Peter,

    Yeah, they’re quite nice, the Spanish. Ah, I remember that Spanish exchange student who stayed in the room adjacent to me. I took her out around town after a big test, and at the end of the night, well, I won’t mention the grade I got, but I deserved an A+ for effort, I can tell you. I passed the test as well, of course.