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Nice valve amp with 8 x KT88…would you like one of these?

David Davis

This is in the process of being built now. it is basically a Williamson but updated and improved using modern components. Copies would be between £4,000 and £5,000. And you’d have to have it without the Avro-Lancaster-T1154 meters, as I only have one more,

It uses 4 x KT88 in each output stage. But lesser copies could be built using 6L6 output valves, for about £2,000.

I designed the entire transformer set of four myself, and they were specially wound to order by a good maker in England. An identical set would cost about £1,000 of the total price, like a Bentley or an Aston Martin. You could have lesser ones of course, which would work perfectly well, like a Peugeot, for less than £500 of it.

The specifications are as follows:-

(1) Two channels, VERY conservatively rated at 50Watts RMS per channel.

(2) Total Harmonic distortion <0.7% between 30Hz and 30KHz.

(3) Outputs to speakers 4, 8 or 16 ohms.

(4) 40-volts DC aux power supply for preamp using valves or transistors.

(5) variable or removable neg-feedback.

(6) Front-panel meters from recycled Lancaster bombers (you will not be able to have any more of this pattern as this was the last pair I owned, but others could be subbed.)

(7) Optional high-voltage-delay for valves (heaters on first).

Those of you who knnow about audio/HiFi and valves also know that there is a certain indefinable something about the valve sound. Yes of course transistor amps are perfectly faithful to the signal and in some ways even more reliable and  responsive, but …. it’s not like that entirely. Valve stuff just, well, sounds better to the human ear.

If you would like a Williamson, get in touch. I am happy to make it entirely to your order, and will quote bespoke accordingly. In a recession, Libertarians have got to do what they have got to do.

He likes us!

He likes us!

Found a new MUST-READ blog, re global warm-mongering and lefty Goracle lies

David Davis

… This is especially good. Tipped via Bishop Hill, who did a good bit on demolishing the tree-ringy-thingy.

Crime and punishment in the 21st century British Socialist paradise

David Davis

I am not a cruel man. No, not at all. I am merciful. I do not kill. I would not. I want to educate and to make-better. I only want to explain to our enemies the meaning of Hell. Before it is too late to not send them there, after their dangerous intellectual and real isolation from other humans is exposed for the hideousness that it is.

Truly, I say, that I would be willingly personally to take their surrender, now, and march them into the prepared-cages, and give them MRE’s. But I just have not the facilities here in Lancashire for all the millions of prisoners. So I can’t.

The freezing and dying leftie stalinists who are going to inhabit the Udenopticon, and while collapsing from gangrene and frostbite, will, later, just have to sit (or cower) shivering in the freezing howling rain and darkness of a Hebridean night. Or indeed for many mights. It is very sad.

While sitting, they can be explaining to the hoodies who have been suddenly put with them (there are not many, less than a few hundred thousand I think) the reason why they (the hoodies) were brought into being as “barnyard-animals” by the lefties, and how this was a tactic in the overall strategy of destroying Western Civilisation.

The reaction of the hoodies, to the real reason for their creation (like as of orcs, by Morgoth) will be interesting. I wait with interest to see how many “principal-lefties” will be unkilled and uneaten by morning.

Disgusting woman – and how to curse leftie fascists in future.

David Davis

She’s from Waterloo, down’t-road although technically we have to accept her as ours (that is to say: Lancashire, ‘coz that’s where Bury is.) NEARLY all people from either place are of course charming and normal human beings, as is ever the case.

She has said, among other things:_

Mrs Blair also admitted that her husband had not reacted well to her decision to disclose in her memoirs, “Speaking For Myself”, that their son Leo was conceived on their annual weekend at Balmoral with the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh.

“I think he’s rather embarrassed by the love affair bits,” she says. “I don’t think he particularly read those closely. Been there, done that! He did read the political things.”

But she defended her decision to include in the book the fact that she had forgotten to pack her “contraceptive equipment” for the Balmoral weekend. She said it struck a blow against outdated taboos about women speaking about their birth control experiences.

“Part of that is the fact that women can control their own fertility. I’m not ashamed of the fact that that has helped me. My mother fell pregnant with me and it changed the course of her life. That was something I had a choice about. All my children were my choice.

“I’m sure that in political books people don’t talk about their contraception, but this is not a political book,” she said. “This was a book about a woman’s life, about my journey and how it reflects the journey of so many other women.”

Mrs Blair revealed that when she was in Downing Street she followed the advice she had been given by Hillary Clinton when she was First Lady.

“Hillary said to me: ‘You have to realise you’re not going to please all the people all the time, and there are going to be some people you’re never going to be able to please. So you must be true to yourself and to the people you know and respect’.

“It’s a difficult role, to be First Lady. That’s why I admire Hillary so much. She played that role, and she also showed us she could play the role of president too.”

Terrible and silly woman. I hope and pray that she does not have quite as much effect on the world’s stage as she thinks she will either have, or thinks she is entitled to.

TELL these people:-


Bush quote of the day

David Davis

“You can fool some of the people all of the time: those are the ones to
concentrate on.”

Possibly apocryphal. I do not know. From an email going viral:-

eurorealist] Apocryphal
Date: 30/09/2008 13:29:25 GMT Daylight Time
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Oh dear. We are now worse off than we were yesterday.

David Davis

Cameron “stands ready to work with the Government” on the “financial crisis”. I thought that:-

(a) he was supposed to be in opposition – that is to say, he is to bite their ankle, throttle their windpipe, garotte them,, pull them down and then kick their bloodied faces until they die in the ambulance…. (after all, that is what they have done to him and to us since 1997…and this govmint is a collection of overgrown hoodies after all… would not they actually have been delinquents, aggresso-hippies, lefty demonstrators, femaile students who smelled, and thugs, while at “uni” in the 70s and 60s?)

(b) he was to pin the blame for the “crisis” on government, and on Stalinist New Labour regulation and interference.

This will NOT gain Cameron votes. No, not even a poll lead. It is the wrong speech. It will merely serve to continue to identify the Tories with all other (which is to say, leftist) politicians in the UK.

Better the devil you know, eh?

This is something he said:-

Seeking to portray himself as a national leader above partisan concerns, Mr Cameron asked Gordon Brown to bring forward legislation to increase protection for savings and overhaul the rules covering the collapse of banks.

Conservative MPs will vote with the Government in the national interest, Mr Cameron said, dropping earlier objections to some parts of the legislation.

He said: “We are all in this together. Let us stick together and together we will find a way through.”

He added: “Everyone needs to know that we are doing everything we can to help you keep your job, your saving, your pension, your mortgage safe, that we are not playing politics with this and we will always do the right thing to protect your job, and your pension.”

Nah, Dave. You’ve lost it. Sorry. You have just snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.


Am I the only person who thinks that “Mortgage” has become a “terror-word”, deployed by lefty journalists (most of the buggers as we all understand) to whip up pro-Gordon sentiment to bash capitalism? I thought that, so long as you can pay it ongoing, as per the original terms, then they can’t foreclose, even if they are Northern Wreck. Or has the law been changed while our back was turned?