Farmers to be forced to clean up paths, for ramblers, after their cows have shat.

David Davis

You no longer know whether I am joking or not, do you.

5 responses to “Farmers to be forced to clean up paths, for ramblers, after their cows have shat.

  1. The worrying thing is that nowadays the line between news and satire barely exists. Sadly, Richard Littlejohn’s catchphrase “You couldn’t make it up” is all too often true.

    The recent statement by the clown who is Scotland’s Justice Minister that the police are not there to protect the public is a case in point.

  2. Every day is like April Fools Day now.

  3. Otto,

    according to the chump in question, what are they there for, pray tell?

  4. Quite right too. I hope the farmers take good care to vacuum clean the footpaths and make sure the grass is combed

  5. Howard R Gray

    Is this just another ditzy case, in a world of declining legal reality? The problem is the creation of petty legal duties where none were held to exist before for centuries. Why now? In short this is a revisit to the “no hunting in my back country” debate, saving foxes from hounds and now ramblers won’t have to tolerate crap on their boots. It seems that townies need clean paths, why not serve them free Earl Grey tea and digestive biscuits avec chocolat? Perhaps there is just a touch of spite here on the part of the Ramblers and cow pat avoidance club?

    Personally, I detest hunting, but I firmly believe that those who want to do it on their own land should be permitted to do so. So long as the “abortions are us” people persist, inter alia, in moralizing about fox hunting, ramblers rights of way, and too many babies, I don’t for one minute see why, the odd fox shouldn’t have a work out on the South Downs once in a while.

    Creeping destruction of basic common law land rights will lead to places the UK shouldn’t go to. Here in the US, the New London eminent domain case brought a chill to the hearts of New Englanders within the idea that, not only can “they” take your land for public works, but “they” can take it for taxation gain in handing it on it to those private developer folks who will in the end pay more taxes.

    What isn’t amusing about this stupid dung case, is the ad hoc creation of legal duties by judges. Judicial activism, is a plague over here in the US, and apparently in the UK too.

    Given the EU creates plenty of ad hoc laws, now you have local activist judges manifesting further micro managerial duties on a similar basis over bovine fertilizer at, dare I say it, the bottom end of the legal system.

    Pruning off rights to a jury trial, trashing the right to silence and now, inventing yet more ways to plunder your rights to enjoy your land. Where will it end? Badly I suspect.

    Now that the barristers wigs are in the can, when will the barristers themselves be replaced with advocacy and rights technicians with four GCSCs? This is a joke of course, just more bovine fertilizer in the day of those bucolic English country folk. Scene fades to the sounds of the Archer’s theme music ….. dumpty dumb……etc.