Wicked climate-change fraud properly exposed, in plain langauge, at last.

David Davis

Excellent exposé by Bishop Hill, about the carefully-diguised but fraudulent manipulation of data and preocessing, used to convince gullible people or those with little free time and a lot to do. Lots of useful embedded links to primary sources. Hat tip Samizdata, courtesy of Brian Mickelthwait, and I think the Englishman’s got his teeth into its ankle also. (Useful but slightly irrelevant, although amusing, links to all about Richard Dawkins included free if you see him.) You’ll all be pleased to see that The Devil has picked it up, too, and is somewhat less amused by the scale of the fraud even than I am!

And for some real dunking in proper coloured graphs and all that stuff, go to John Daly, here.

2 responses to “Wicked climate-change fraud properly exposed, in plain langauge, at last.

  1. Jacob Steelman

    the climate change push is all about alternative forms of energy being forced into the market, such as natural gas

    for the past 10+ years natural gas companies have been trying to convince manufacturers and utilities who use coal as an energy source to convert to natural gas in an effort to justify some of their pipeline projects as well as being a market for the natural gas production of those companies or natural gas consortia. But users of coal have resisted due to the increase in cost of conversion and their concern that once connected the natural gas producers and pipelines would have a captive customer. We have seen how Gazprom treats its European customers and now Iran and other large natural gas producers want to form an international gas cartel similar to OPEC. So the manufacturers and utilities concerns are justified. Which is why the oil and gas companies have used Al Gore (his family has long been associated with Occidental Petroleum in the USA) to spin the climate warming-climate change fraud on us as a means to force conversion through the use of taxes and reglations. Of course the carbon tax scheme appeals to the politicians and bureaucrats who always need more revenue to continue their positions.

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