Dissenting Voice on Georgia

Sean Gabb

Libertarians often disagree on foreign policy. With all deference to our Blogmaster, here is my view on events in Georgia:

It is none of our business. The tacit deal in 1989 was that Central and Eastern Europe were to be set free, in return for which Russia was to be left alone within its own sphere. We’ve broken the spirit of the deal by
getting Poland etc into NATO. If we make a fuss about Georgia, it will really annoy the Russians and do no good for the Georgians.

Besides, what happens in Georgia is no concern of ours.

6 responses to “Dissenting Voice on Georgia

  1. Concept of spheres of influence is incompatible with a concept of liberty.

  2. Thank you, Sean, for some much needed sanity.

    I had avoided blogging about the situation; partly because it was still fluid, and partly because it is simply none of our damn business.

    I gather that there has now been a cease to hostilities. If that holds, and if it does so without the Russians having annexed Georgia, what chance that those banging the neocon drum might apologise for calling this wrong?

  3. Too right. What Davis wrote was idealistic claptrap.

  4. Jacob Steelman

    It is no one’s business except the Georgians and the Russians. If Georgia were to have a truly free society and limited government (or preferably no government) – for individuals and business then it would be hard for the Russians to invade since they would experience great resistance from the Georgian people in such circumstances. But that is not the case and in fact we learn that groups within the break away provinces may in fact welcome the Russian invasion. Isn’t this all about oil from the Caspian coming through pipelines in Georgia?

  5. Thanks for that, Sean. I was beginning to think that I was the only libertarian who had not been taken in by the “Plucky Little Georgia” Neo-Con drivel.

  6. To Jacob Steelman first, it is my plea that you show me a place where there is a truly free society with limited government, or preferably no government. Name three. Or one.

    To “M”, would you like to post a riposte? here on this blog? I will give you posting rights for one posting if you like. DD