No blogging today, saving the world instead.

David Davis

I have to mow the lawns, and also build an amplifier for a man. Then I am working tomorrow Sunday 29th, so I may possibly hand down some Godly per-oration (on Sunday 29th June) pm but I don’t yet know what, so I don’t promise anything yet.

It does rather depend on what aspects of applied Gramsco-Marxianism (as applied daily by the British State to the people which are elected and dismissed periodically by it) that I decide to be irked by on the day. I may even then write about it, and about what ought to be done with the buggers, to ensure their re-socialisation as individual human beings living in a Market Civilisation.


If you want a Rolls-Royce-version of a Williamson Amplifier, for your Hi-Fi, or if you would like a couple of single-ended 300B monoblocs, then talk to me. I will build them for you, by hand. And, you will love them.

2 responses to “No blogging today, saving the world instead.

  1. Ah, Mr Davis is a DIY amp man too. My favourite is the LM3875-based gainclone, personally. :)

  2. The one I’m building now for this chap is a “Williamson” stereo valve amp. Each channel has 3 X ECC88 and 4 x KT88 (2 and 2) triode-connected in pairs with about 24 watts per channel output. (Seriously underdriven but we want purity and clarity.)

    We have had the output transformers desigend and made inidividually to (my) specification. They now exist, so buidling is going on.