This is a good Australian Blog…

and he said this about David Davis.

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  1. Thanks for the link, although both of us are ‘she’ :)

  2. Very sorry! (Didn’t know…) I will remember next time. Pleased that you could comment on this matter for us: the more it gets out, the eaiser it will be for DD to try and fix it.

  3. Oh and I didn’t insert that smiley! I just don’t know how to turn them on and off!

  4. Heheh! I’m actually a dual national, living in the UK (I’m a postgrad at Oxford), so get to follow up on UK news a fair bit.

    Would be good to get involved in a few more libertarian-ish things over here, actually. Most of my libertarian links are in Australia and the US.

  5. Please contact, then: the following (that’s me.)

    Also (the new British Libertarian Party, but that’s nothing to do with us, it’s quite independent.

  6. To skeptic Lawyer….

    which college? (I’m a Worcester man….)

  7. I’m at Brasenose, funded by the Institute for Humane Studies. Email helenDOTdaleATbncDOToxDOTacDOTuk

  8. Might pop down and see you in a week or two…I have to collect a Tektronix Oscilloscope, a 7704A, from Towcester (Northamptonshire) as it’s too heavy to courier.