The sun photographed this morning

David Davis

I mean to say, they’re telling us that Man is ruining the planet for f***’s sake (with crude oil soon to be $250 a barrel) by raising the air’s CO2 to about 0.04% from 0.03%, and the distance form the Earth to the Moon is about a quarter of the way across this star.

Update: Tony comments interestingly below. I’d heard of this idea a few years ago and wondered what happened to it.

But, I’m not sure we want even to lower the atmmosphere’s CO2 partial pressure (down to 0.03 kPa already and therefore dangerously low for plant life on land) so I’d not be initially in favour of his idea, but it could be applied in a small way (a few billion dollars here and there) to pretend to the greenazis that we care about what they say. We can get clean water to everyone in Africa while their back is turned.


One response to “The sun photographed this morning

  1. There’s an interesting physics problem, in that the Sun’s surface temperature is 5,000 degees C, when current theories of nuclear processes say it should be much more.

    Anyway, there’s a lovely way of addressing the “CO2” problem now. Of course, the human contribution to greenhouse gases is negligeable; but now we can seed the sea with iron salts, which causes a vast proliferation of algal growth.

    We then harvest the algae with “factory ships” and convert it straight into light “carbon-neutral” crude oil. Everyone is happy except for the oil sheikhs. We can even do this on land, with a yield of 20 000 barrels an acre.

    OPEC does not control the oceans…