MARK STEYN and the Canadian “Human Rights” GESTAPO-Sondergerichte … this is very funny and apposite from NRO …

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David Davis

I don’t know a lot about Nazi Canadian Sondergerichte, but they seem to be wanting to deingrate and expunge Western Civilisation, which is the basis of Libertarianism.

They also want to get at Mark Steyn, who is funny, writes well, amuses people, is right, and is a conservative.

So I’ve decided that I’m against them.

Here it is if the link does not work:-

There’s a New Sharif in Town   [Mark Steyn]

Jonah, re: Omar Sharif saying that, when he has a problem with some guy, he finds it far easier to go to the neighborhood sheikh to sort it out than to have to mess around with all that western legal mumbo-jumbo. He’ll be happy to know they’ve introduced a similar system in British Columbia: The sheikhs sit on a “human rights” tribunal and lay down the smack without any time-wasting rubbish about rules of evidence, presumption of innocence, etc.

Andrew Coyne is live-blogging the first day of the Steyn/Maclean’s show trial from the Robson Square courthouse in Vancouver, and from the Omar Sharif perspective it seems to be going swimmingly. The Canadian Islamic Congress lawyer says that freedom of speech is a “red herring”. If it were, it would be on the endangered species list. And the New York Times guy says he “can’t believe what he’s witnessing”.

With their usual low cunning, the “human rights” sheikhs chose a courtroom that only seats 40 people so a big crowd (including CBC reporters) were wedged up peering through the glass in the door until the head sheikh (a judge best known for fining the Knights of Columbus for declining to rent their hall for a lesbian wedding) said the pressed faces of the people were distracting her and shooed them away. Typical. A third-rate bureaucracy that tells everyone from McDonald’s to Maclean’s magazine how to run their affairs can’t even organize a show trial with minimal competence.

Maybe the folks who can’t get in should file a “human rights” complaint against the “human rights” tribunal for denying them the human right to attend a human rights trial. Say what you like about Saddam’s justice system, but at least I’d be dead by now and out of my misery.

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8 responses to “MARK STEYN and the Canadian “Human Rights” GESTAPO-Sondergerichte … this is very funny and apposite from NRO …

  1. Dave:

    C’mon! Canada is about as far as you can get away from a Nazi-type State in this world. Don’t believe people who want to incite racial hatred.

    I’ve lived there. I have family there.



  2. I didn’t say Canada was nazi, Tony. However,the Canadian Sondergerichte are nazi. they may, sadly, be staffed by Canadians.

    This is a tragedy and these individuals ought to know better than to take this money.

    I regard the Canadian staff of Canadian Sondergerichte in the same way that I regard individual Germans in 1933 who failed to not vote for the NSDAP.

    In the same way I view English staff of British Soviets, who do stuff like the RSPCA, disabled “gay” “lesbian” outreach “workshops”, and the like.

  3. Also the fact that Nazi organisations in a grand, noble and honourable Anglosphere Nation are staffed by nationals of that nation, is even worse.

    Even worse than that is that such Nazi organisations have been allowed to be set up.

    I can accept, to a tiny extent, that there may be a tiny number of socialist psychopaths, in any nation, even good and great ones like Canada, Australia, India, NZ, Poland, Jamaica, Rhodesia, the USA, and Britain: this is just, well, how things are, sadly.

    But I CANNOT accept that blame ought not to be apportioned to a people when they go to sleep and the cockroaches of socialist death invade their bedding, while they are dreaming, and enjoying what they have achieved.

  4. Yes, I do blame the Canadian People for failing to spot what was going on. Their fathers and grandfathers had enough experience of fighting the cesspool, for goodness’ sake.

  5. And, I blame us even more here in the UK, for we are really in the mire now.

  6. This is why the Libertarian Alliance has had to come into existence at all. In a perfect world, we would not be necessary. What a tragedy that we are, Tony.

  7. When I hear of this sort of madness and unjustice, I tend to sigh and shrug, as I am sure that the progressives will just keep trundling on until they reduce everything to crisis and as a result provoke a very violent reaction. They can’t piss on their and our own civilization indefinitely.

    Remember 1978 and the Winter of Discontent. Things had to be pretty bad in Britain over several years before a change of direction came. It is cold comfort that it may take another thirty years for that to happen, but it will.

  8. Dave:

    I remember vividly reading Karl Popper’s statement (in C&R? — Google Books!) that incitement to racial hatred should be a crime, in the same way as incitement to murder is a crime.

    I support the widest possible interpretations of ‘freedoms of speech.’ Still, I cannot escape the fact that some obvious crimes _are_ forms of speech. Race-hate speech grates on methodological individualism, whereby every person has the right to be treated on their own merits, not some trivial genetic difference which they did nothing to create.

    There are people who see Mark Steyn as throwing matches in a roomful of gunpowder. While we may be tolerant of one eccentric or two doing this, it becomes another matter when more and more people on all sides get in on the act. Especially as there are a lot of people in the room.

    This — or so it seems to me — is a road leading to a stormy end for mankind.

    I have to say to an American friend that I would be grateful if he didn’t send me any more Mark Steyn material. I just couldn’t stand reading it. But I wouldn’t stop you reading it by subscription.