Will Kate Middleton marry her Prince (after all)?

David Davis

The Sunday Telegraph has this. All the bookies seem to think all bets are off, and it’s “when” not “if” … but they could of course all be wrong.

Here’s what we said on this blog, on 6th December 2006:-


4 responses to “Will Kate Middleton marry her Prince (after all)?

  1. I bet she’s reading Heather Mill’s autobiography already.

  2. Who’s Heather Mills? (Sorry, I really have not heard of her.)

  3. Oh hang on, don’t you mean that prat with the wooden leg?

  4. Yeah that one. Put Paul through the rugs & curtains cycle good and proper. I remember hearing a rumour somewhere that Kate’s Mother told her to apply to St. Andrews because William was going there. If that’s true, it’s as good an example of mission-type tactics as you’re ever likely to see. Which will come in handy for Will, considering the job he’s being lined up for, eh?