Sadly, Crewe-and-Nantwich is not the end of socialism in Britain, let alone the World. The British still need to have their noses rubbed in the ordure of collectivism, once every 10 years, but…

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David Davis

The question tonight is: “Have the voters of Crewe/Nantwich actually voted against _socialism_ (which, for new readers, is a barbarian/pre-capitalist lethal killing-blight on the face of Western Civilisation, under which mankind will be doomed to Universal Extinction in Time, and therefore the Universe will end its Life dead, as an Extinguished Object) or have they merely voted against Gordon Brown and “new” “Labour”? Not of course the same thing at all!

I think the latter.

There is still no hope, really, for a “Sea Change” – whatever one of those things is. The problem with the British is that, being as we are a good people, we feel that we ought to get our noses rubbed in Stalinisto-Nazi shite every 10 or 20 years or so, as a sort of penance for having worked hard to achieve a better life in the meantime, for ourselves and – more importantly – as a beacon to others.

So here you go…

1906…we have just (1901) expensively saved Africa and all its then-existing and subsequent peoples from the Devil, and we go and elect an administration at home, which proposes that the State ought to do more stuff. Madness.

1922…we have just (even more expensively, and we are actually bust) saved the whole world form the Devil, and we go and eletc a Labour Government. Madness. Thankfully it falls down.

1945…we have just, all over again (because nobody listened to Haig about the Armistice and Versailles) re-saved the whole world from the same Devil, and we go and fire the man who got victory, and elect a … Labour Government. Madness. (My father, a returning soldier in 1945, from Burma, confessed to me that “well, son, we were told, and thought, that we were voting for a Brave New World”. His words, not mine.)

1964…Sex has just been invented the year before by Kenneth Tynan, just a few days too late to save John Profumo (if I was an adult in 1963, I’d have PAID to shag Christine Keeler, but the lucky bastard got her for free it seems – this phrase is to be used to check if people read this blog or not) and we elect a Labour Government. Madness.

1964-1979…Labour continues in power for 15 years under various socialist PMs including Ted Heath. Madness.

1990…The British find even slight success to be a bit tiring and hard-going, and want a rest, so liberalism gets shafted and Labour gets in again under John Major. Madness.

1997…the British elect another socialist: a real leftie, who is cleverly pretending to be a-Conservative-pretending-to-be-a leftie. Under him, this clever man Blair, Britain is turned into a Police State, so all you are allowed to vote for now is lefties. Madness.

2007…Britain is provided with a real-leftie-pretending-to-be-a-leftie-who-is-at-heart-a-Conservative, but pretends to see through the disguise, so he flops. Still madness, though.

Until we get this bug out of our system, the trait that makes us want to think we want to help the “underdog” and that this can only be done – importantly in this belief – by a Big State doing Big Things, we will never break out of the eternal cycle of “socialism followed by a little breathing space before the next round of socialism”.

No, I don’t think the war is over, it’s only one election, the Nazis played the “toff” card and lost, and they won’t do it again as it was a bummer. The bastards want us dead, or at least they want our civilisation and culture dead, and they are part-way-there. They won’t stop now.

The Conservatives are not going to make any real change in the strategic battle-lines of this conflict, so perhaps we should have hopes for a Libertarian Party.

For me, I would like to see socialism, all its historiography, all its literature, all its works, and all its Utopian ideas, actually expunged, erazed, deleted and “washed with bleach”, as far as Mankind is concerned. We can’t bring back the killed humans of course, nor can we free all the slaves, either retrospectively or even today for the millions still enslaved in oil-producing-countries (and others, less endowed) which I cannot name for libel reasons. That is the tragedy. The lost time, and the lost wealth? We will just have to stand it, and try, try to make it all up, somehow, in the fullness of deep future time, if there is enough.

But a grand collective apology, from the non-English-Speaking-World, to the Anglosphere, and in particular England, for unilaterally declaring slavery illegal in 1807, and prosecuting slavers unilaterally thereafter, would be in order. I shall not demand 235 trillion dollars, just an apology. (This was not about slavery at first, but then I shafted the plot by talking about socialism. Ha Ha.) 

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