Even more … personalised number plate pornography

David Davis


P1KEY (yeh, really!)

M155 JAP

L8RGE (yeh, I did see it. He’s fat.)

My wife says I’d make a very efficient policeman. I do hope not.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t grudge these people the right to spend their money how they want. In one sense it is good that the Big State still allows this little freedom to strut about. But I’d have thought that the very people who want to do this are those who would surely want to keep their heads down? L8RGE?  P1KEY?  B16 ROB? JB 41? 41 JB? (Same chap actually, two vehicles. Aged 41. (the chap, not the vehicles…) )

One response to “Even more … personalised number plate pornography

  1. If you can decipher them, you’ll find that A Very Large And Powerful Agency is using these licence plates to send you coded messages! (HHOK!) Don’t go down that road…

    I had a Facel Vega HK-500 GT in Navy Blue with the licence plate KPB 111 — what do you make of that? (The first road car tested at over 150mph both ways). Big V-8 Chrysler engine.