New Libertarian Novel to be launched at 2008 Hay-on-Wye book festival, England, 2008: very much, much more important than the Olympics which are a smugfest for saddo fascist athletes who have become thick and can’t comprehend the …

… reality of fascism.

David Davis


This was supposed to be about a new Libertarian Novel. There have also been others, and the one linked is now a best-seller. But as I thought this sort of thing is so very much more relevant to the Human condition than the terribly-damaging-Nazi smugfest-of-sport coming up in Peking, I therefore decided that I’d get my pocket-knife out, to enjoy a good little twist-dig into the upper-chest of the ” wireless  tele  vision  olymp  ics ”  while I am about it, as they are so so important. The 1936 ones come to mind too.

(Er, don’t worry ‘coz-  it’s only a short blade now, about 70 years old, they didn’t take it off me in the passport (and identity) office as it was still “legal”, they only confiscated it temporarily … Two functioning inches left of the Steel, if that. I do try to sharpen it on my oilstone from time to time, but it’s been neglected for a few weeks and has been used for medium gardening in the meantime, so it is a bit blunt.)

God only knows what we will do after we have to pay for the London smugfest in , is it, 2012? Where the f*** will the money come from for all the dictocrats and their Mercs transporting Jerks? I do hope that Mayor Boris cancels this pan-galactic-disaster in time, but as Brian Micklethwait said a while ago, that is too much to hope for.

Anyway …

Hay-on-Wye is a marvellously fun town in the Anglo-Welsh borderlands, or what Tolkien would call “The Debatable Lands”. Go there soon, please do, it’s nice! But not on Sunday mornings, for Wales is then “closed” – as I find rather a lot. Hay has a world-famous book festival, and is said to have more bookshops per head of population than any other place in the world. About two per person, I would guess. Richard Booth is the King of Hay.

OK OK OK, then, here’s the stuff about the novel!



Nicholas Dykes’s new (and first) novel ~Old Nick’s Guide to Happiness~ is
due for publication on July 15.  However, Nicholas is taking advantage of
the nearby Hay Festival to hold a trial launch at Richard Booth’s famous
bookshop in Lion Street on Saturday May 24, 2008.

If any Libertarians or Objectivists happen to be attending the Festival, or
are located anywhere nearby, Nicholas would be delighted to see them.  He
will be there to sign copies, and there will also be drinks and nibbles on
offer between 12.30 and 6.30pm.  There will also be a special price for the
day of £10.00 (RRP £12.95).

If you are able to attend, please do introduce yourself to Nicholas.

~Old Nick’s Guide to Happiness~ presents an Objectivism-based, radical
libertarianism set in a mystery-cum-adventure novel.  It tells the story of
Jacques, an eighteen-year-old Anglo-French student, who goes on a hiking
holiday to the Highlands of Scotland while waiting to take up an English
Literature scholarship at Oxford University.  He becomes lost in fog in the
most remote part of the north-west coast and nearly kills himself climbing
down a cliff.  He is rescued by a mysterious couple, Nikolai and Catriona,
who live hidden away in an old mine, secretly, but very comfortably.
Learning that Jacques aspires to be a writer, Nikolai persuades him to take
a year off to write down Nikolai’s philosophy, a literary task Nikolai has
found himself unable to accomplish.  The philosophy – covering the axioms,
ethics and political principles required to achieve a completely free market
in a completely free society – is presented clearly and non-technically in a
series of conversations between Nikolai and Jacques, during which Jacques
often puts up a spirited defense of opposing points of view.  The story,
involving mystery, occasional high adventure, and Jacques falling in love
with the couple’s niece, Eila, unfolds alongside the philosophy.  The
narrative concludes with a dramatic escape to America when Nikolai and
Catriona’s secret life comes suddenly under threat.

Nicholas has been encouraged by some very good reactions from reviewers in
the United States, which country he believes could be a major market for the
book.  One reviewer, a Professor of Economics from Texas named Larry
Sechrest, wrote:  “This is a very good book indeed.  A major accomplishment
… The plot and characters are engrossing.  These are real people, not
cardboard cutouts, not flawless robots, but people.  There is adventure and
danger as well as warm affection and gentle eroticism.. The
manuscript abounds with lively descriptions that transport the reader to the
“The philosophical dialogues are a most entertaining way to present such
radical ideas. very persuasive.  Positively splendid commentary on both Marx
and Popper, absolutely on target!”

Another reviewer, Peter Saint-Andre, a literary editor from Colorado, wrote:
“Bravo!  Quite delightful.  ~Old Nick’s Guide to Happiness~ is an engaging
adventure on many levels:  it captures the mind most of all, but weaves in
suspense, diverse characters and humor as well.  I enjoyed it immensely.”

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  3. I’ve been reading about Ayn Rand’s Objectivism, and I reckon the cap fits.

    “To live, man must hold three things as the supreme and ruling values of his life: Reason, Purpose, Self-Esteem.”

    Yep, that’s right up my alley.