Richard Littlejohn and the Dustbin Nazis. I love it. It could be a great title for J K Rowling’s next Hairy Pooter film.

David Davis

All this backs up Sean Gabb’s thesis, which is that while the EU is “a” problem, both for libertarianism and for English Liberalism, it is not really “the” problem. Today’s news re-inforces my own thesis that, for libertarianism to succeed, it must be first allied to English Nationalism.

LET’S RE-BOMB DRESDEN. And this time, for the right reasons; and this time, “ground-zero” is the “university” of “technology”. With a cruise missile, in which the embedded-40-MHz-386 knows the location of the toilets, and also precisely when the EU-bureaucratchiks, who came up with this nonsense, are having a slash. Read Richard Littlejohn (for Prime Minister) and you’ll see exactly why.

We’ll leave the Frauenkirche alone this time, honest, guv. Anyway, we’ve been lambasted enough by now, for destroying it on Stalin’s orders, and we even gave you a new Cross. My generation of liberal English People, whose fathers did the right thing, does not want to share Stalin’s guilt any more, no, not.

Here are some choice quotes form the EU, no less, to back up what goes on here:-

“Councils should set up a ‘police department’ to sift through rubbish to search for the addresses of ‘offenders’ in discarded mail, and issue fines of up to £400.”

“The Eurocrats admit bin charges are a ‘ politically sensitive issue’, and warn of ‘uncertain and perhaps uncontrollable citizens’ response’. But the handbook stresses ‘this lack of consensus should not be allowed to intimidate us into avoiding innovation’.”

Although these only have the status of “directives”, which is to say that other European nations interpret them freely and quite liberally, they are actually enforced rigorously here in the UK.

and here’s what I got from elsewhere:-


Many of you will have seen today’s Daily Mail and an article by Richard Littlejohn.  In view of his “capacity to colour his writing” (as somebody has said to me)  I hope it will be examined at leisure and critically. 


To me this looks like another instance of domestic overkill!   You’ll notice that the directive quoted has been around for 13 years  already.  Also directives are not laws they are statements of policy aims and subject to local interpretation.  All countries except Britain usually adapt these to local conditions.  Our civil servants do the opposite – treat them as law and then strengthen them.    The remedy to THAT is a domestic one.


 I THINK I may be wrong – that this is another “conspiracy’ dreamt up to agitate us,  There are elements of truth in it of course but I suspect much of it is an attempt to use the antagonism to Brussels as a tool to stop this.  In wehich case it cxould bac-fire for the remedy is closer at hand!  there is also some kite-flying.  


Right here where I live we have no wheelie bins.  We put out black sacks in a heap for about 8 houses.  The paper/plastic/foil/cardboard boxes are well used.  Garden refuse has its own sacks.  There are also kitchen waste (which, because I have virtually none) I ignore.  I haven’t room indoors for another container.  It all works efficiently and smoothly and everyone is happy.   In fact my black sack only goes out every other week now as I recycle so much more.  Plastic was filling it up before!


They have no means of enforcing anything and our newly elected Tory council (plus the two neighbouring ones) have all said they are not going to waste money giving us all wheelie bins.  Apart from those who suffer from age and infirmity there is no way they could get a wheelie bin up steps and stairs into their flats, round all the corners in it, down a high step to the gate.  


I think I’ll let it run a bit longer before jumping on this particular bandwagon!




6 responses to “Richard Littlejohn and the Dustbin Nazis. I love it. It could be a great title for J K Rowling’s next Hairy Pooter film.

  1. In my view, libertarians must be allied not just to nationalists but to other anti-socialist groups and interests as well.

    Anyone who has potentially anything to gain from any of: leaving the EU, a smaller state (lower taxes, less regulation, respect for private property) and / or an end to political correctness.

    For example, genuine Christians have a lot to gain from an end to PC. Whether they are Catholics, evangelicals or charismatics.

    To take another example, the whole class of small business people is treated with contempt by all the main political parties. We are viewed simultaneously as a cash cow and as a distrusted enemy class.

    The Enemy managed to unite all manner of diverse groups with the idea of non-discrimination. To create an anti-socialist rainbow alliance, we need uniting themes and ideas. Both freedom and national independence are such attracting ideas. At the same time, hostitility to PC would be a motivating idea for a significant number.

    In the long run, I am not pessimistic, because the Enemy Class will keep running things down utterly oblivious to the consequences until they get a reaction. Eventually the loathing in which New Labour is widely held will be visited on the whole Enemy Class.

    The Fuel Tax Protests of a couple of years ago, show how in future from the bottom up protests movements could mushroom to shake or destroy the current set up.

    One thing that was missing from the Fuel Tax Protests was a political leadership with the vision to exploit it. If you look back to the fall of the Soviet Union, Yeltsin and the people round him achieved over night what was believed to be impossible.

  2. Excellent point Otto, division amongst those opposed to the status quo is a big hindering factor by my reckoning. But I feel I have to challenge the popular notions of political correctness at every twist and turn, because it allows New Labour to hijack and load-up what is in effect a benign and even agreeable term. If you think about grammatical correctness, or mathematical correctness, or financial correctness, then there’s a stark difference between what would be consider correct in those examples and the doings of the government today. In fact, we are the strongest proponents of political correctness, because it really means ‘to be correct – in policy’. All this government does is play on people’s sense of common decency, and label any idea it wants to sell as ‘politically correct’, to stifle descent. They’ve pulled out enough rope to hang themselves with now though.

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  6. Mr Harry Price.

    Well you may laugh, but at one point they were going to collect DNA to
    try and catch rubbish dumpers in this area, but dropped the idea due
    to police costs. Strange but true. they do go through rubbish and get
    details and addresses for purpose of prosecution now.