De-education, de-education, de-education. Further thoughts.

David Davis

Yesterday evening I dashed this off.

I think that the absolute removal of worthwhile liberal classical content and knowledge from, and the hollowing-out of, the British State “syllabuses” is a deliberate act by a socialist Enemy Class, sadly composed mostly of native British subjects. I have no real clue why they want to do this: it seems such an illogical thing to want, seem from my position as a bumpkin. 

They either instinctively hate our culture and what English liberalism is and stands for, or they have been taught to do so while our back was turned, by emplaced enemies from “outside”.

The best way to neutralise a powerful, morally-based civilisation whose people instinctively stand in your way because you are objectively evil and wicked, must be to spend some decades corrupting and perverting its education philosophy, content and objectives. If you are that evil, then you have  – as i said – all the time in the world. The Fabians come to mind, but I can’t credit them with deliberately encompassing that amount of intellectual and spiritual depravity, gestated over so long.


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  1. Dave:

    I strongly suggest that you read “The Twelve Year Sentence” by Wm. F. Rickenbacker, an American conservative, who addresses the point that millions of American children are sentenced to twelve worse-than-wasted years for the sole offence of being children. Or Karl Popper’s description of the mind-numbing boredom and futility of his years in the classroom.

    Now imagine places much like shopping malls, with units of carious sizes from very small to auditorium scale. Now picture the kids with books of vouchers, and catalogues, and online presentations of courses.

    Now the _kids_ will decide which classes, sessions etc. they want to go. There are prizes and incentives for skills we really do want them to have — reading and writing come to mind.

    The kids turn up at the classes, and pay for them with their vouchers or voucher a/c debit card. The teachers and presenters cash in the vouchers to get their remuneration. Naturally, popular teachers with interesting and worthwhile courses can charge more, and get more students.

    Competition! This is what an educational marketplace looks like. All the State does is fund the voucher system.

    I watch the kids in amusement arcades PAYING CASH to learn mind-bendingly complex skills in video arcades etc. There they are, pumping cash into the machines and working with a furious intensity. Don’t ever tell me that “the stupid kids won’t learn anything.”

    Most of the kids at school are wearing masks of dumb stupidity to escape the attentions of their teachers. And who can blame them?

    And then there are the intelligence-enhancement programmes, “smart drugs”, cognitive enhancement, mind-power courses, all already in existence.

    Notice that the one thing always lacking from the curriculum is epistemology — the different ways of best finding out what’s really true.

    “The statement ‘le ciel est bleu’ is true if — and only if — the sky is, in fact, bue.”

    Where ‘ciel’ is ‘the envelope of gas surrounding our planet; and ‘bleu’ is a specified frequency of light. The blue light comes to us via Rayleigh scattering by oxygen. (Leonardo da Vinci spent his whole life trying to figure this out).

    Alfred Tarski’s Correspondence Theory of Truth… Simple, innit?



  2. It is a very useful question to ask: Why have the Progressives chosen to destroy our education system?

    Obviously, various elements and circumstances have contributed – producer capture, the managerialist regime of “testing” & league tables (which Margaret Thatcher started to try to arrest these developments), the Enemy Class’ addiction to novelty for the sake of it, etc..

    Look a little deeper and you see the 60’s Counter Culture and the cultural changes that the 60’s generation brought in.

    Look yet deeper and you see the Frankfurt School Marxists and their project to destroy our civilization.

    Looked at from a different angle, the Progressive mentality is a series of prejudices against various groups and institutions: Christianity, Christian moral values, families, employers, the private sector, private property, the nation, established institutions (unless thoroughly infiltrated), the monarchy. The list is, of course, not exhaustive, but it is certainly illustrative.

    Progressives use the “educational system” to undermine all the individuals, groups, values and institutions that they detest.

    The moral of this is we must think big; We must fight the war of ideas; We think in terms of a long march back through the institutions.

    A corollary of this is that groups such as UKIP are pretty much doomed to failure, because they do not even realise they need to engage in a culture war, the war of ideas and a long march.

    In political terms, Libertarians must make common cause where ever there is any overlap in policies. For example, there must be mileage in removing the anti-Christian bias in our state institutions. (Incidentally, I am an atheist.)

    Another example is Libertarians shouldn’t be so sniffy about “nationalists” per se. Liberty only has a chance within a nation state whether the UK or only England. After all it is only in a few states that liberty has ever evolved. The EU by contrast is a creature of the Enemy Class; It’s every treaty permeated with progressive assumptions and progressive “rights”.

  3. That Fabian Society, you have to admit it is a good model for its purpose, I suppose the LA is the same thing, albeit different politically.