I know what to do! Let’s throw pennies at the poor-people who are shouting at us! Then, they will vote for us, as we are “on people’s side”!

David Davis

I don’t really know where to begin, as regards reviewing the comments from the MSM about Brown agreeing to bribe all “state-registered poor people” with £120 each. So I won’t. You’ve all read them anyway. Here’s one.

This is the price of a medium-good night out for two members of the State-Generated-Underclass, in a stalinist-ruined sink-city like Liverpool. It was great, once.

Can’t think how little it would buy you in London: a single trip on the central Line (is it still called that? Not the “Working Towards the People’s Grand_Cross Rail Junction” Line, or something equally portentious?) from Nutting Hell Gate to Bonk (or from Helland Poke, or Shaggard’s Bush)? (Or actually the other way round…)

This sad, tormented middle-aged white leftist man is a contradiction. This concatenation of characteristics ought to be a total tautology, if you think about what sheer internal self-confidence about one’s place in the world the proper understanding of our civilisation could have given to these exact kinds of male humans. (Where’s the confidence gone then?) But …

… Gordon Brown, a professional “student activist” having been the only real function he has ever had, seems to think that the best advice to take today is to “bung” all poor-people £120 each, if they have been “disadvantaged” by the removal of the 10p tax rate.

Wonder how they arrived at £120? Is there some treasury computer or summat?

That’s like a Student Union Treasurer, caught with his hand in the Union Till, saying he’ll reimburse “the members” with 50p each (or £1 – it matters not): but the difference is that this offer would  ‘av’ter-be’  his own dosh. The £120’s will come from the govt’s overdraft, and we’ll have to pay the Banks to lend it.

Old socialism didn’t work, and dressing up the mouldering skeleton in new clothes, animated by a clever guy (Blair) whom they got rid of because they thought he was a Tory,  will not work either. There are NO new socialist ideas. Gramsci is dead, thank God, and accompanies Hitler and Stalin and Mao and Pol Pot, in the coldness and emptiness of the Outer Void. Even Lucifer will not let them in, and hopefullt they will sonn be joined by Brezhnev, Yasser Arafat and Castro officially, if not already actually in all three cases.

(Oh, and by the way, unlike Castro, who has not been dead for very long, Osama Bin Laden will continue to remain dead, like for the last 6.5 years.)

7 responses to “I know what to do! Let’s throw pennies at the poor-people who are shouting at us! Then, they will vote for us, as we are “on people’s side”!

  1. It is desperation, in a way I feel sorry for the old Scotsman. He is a proponent of an emotionally-powered concept, as opposed to a realistically-based one, but I do believe he genuinely wants to help people, I mean, he in theory validates himself. The trouble for me is that I’ve never really known anything other that the Labour government, and I come from a background which instilled distrust for the Tories etc. Despite all this, I’ve realised the hypocracy of the New Labour proponents, by way of deductive reasoning (or is that inductive?). Ah, I won’t go into it here, I’m having trouble articulating it already. Anyhow, a vote for the Labour Party at the next election won’t come from me. Don’t forget your gloves when you’re putting those fires out Dave, eh? :-)

  2. Yeah, I won’t forget, man.

    We decided not to let those buggers into Hell, they were too inflammable already, the place would have gone up like a house on fire.

  3. Feel sorry for that tosser?
    As well feel sorry for Stalin or Pol Pot.
    Evil bastards the lot of them. That they mean well is neither hither nor thither, they are and will remain evil bastards.

  4. £120 million – It’s what my old physics teacher, Mr Bagnall, used to call a fudge factor.

    If you continually make changes to complicate the tax-benefits system then it is hardly a wonder if you end up having to introduce a fudge like this.

    What is depressing about the 10% rate farce is that the “Conservative” opposition did not argue loudly and clearly for raising the income tax threshold so that the 10% rate payers were taken out of income tax altogether.

    What is merely predictable is that Brown and Darling will muck things up, bluster and then, when firmly caught out, throw money, but not any insight at the problem.

  5. Haha, David :-)

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